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Frequently Asked Questions
The Riddler
FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Question. If you have a question about Jim Carrey,
please look in our FAQs index first. If you couldn't find an answer to your question
there, then contact us.

  1. What is Jimís full given name?
  2. Did Jim have a nick-name?
  3. What is Jim's birthday?
  4. Where is Jim's birthplace?
  5. What is Jim's height?
  6. What is Jim's weight?
  7. What is Jim's shoe size?
  8. Who are Jim's parents?
  9. Does Jim have siblings?
  10. To whom has Jim been married?
  11. Does Jim have any kids?
  12. Where has Jim gone to school?
  13. What has Jim got for education?
  14. Does Jim have an E-mail?
  15. Does Jim surf Jim Carrey Online?
  16. What is Jim's address, telephone number, etc?
  17. What is Jim's favorite color?
  18. What is Jim's favorite food?
  19. What is Jim's favorite cartoon character?
  20. What is Jim's favorite music?
  21. What is Jim's current salary?
  22. Does Jim have a production company?
  23. Who are Jim's biggest influences?
  24. What was the year of Jim's first stand-up performance?
  25. When did Jim first open for Rodney Dangerfield?
  26. What was Jim's first film?
  27. Can I get "Jim Carrey: The Un-Natural Act" on DVD?
  28. Had Jim done a drama before "The Truman Show"?
  29. Are Jim's films appropriate for younger children?
  30. Has Jim ever done a porno flick?
  31. What about those cartoons based on Jim's popular film characters?
  32. What about other stuff Jim's done?
  33. What charities/benefits does Jim endorse and help out?
  34. Has anyone at JCO actually met Jim?
  35. What's Jim like in real life?
  36. Where do I write fan mail to Jim?
  37. What films has Jim appeared in?
  38. What songs has Jim sung?
  39. What awards has Jim won?
  40. Do you have an address that I can write to Jim Carrey at?  Does he answer his fan mail?
  41. What do you like about that guy anyway? (What's the appeal?)
  42. What was it like to work with Jim Carrey on "The Mask"?
  43. Did Jim Carrey leave his wife after "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" came out? Did he dump his marriage when Lady Fortune came calling?
  44. What's the story on those cartoons that star Carrey characters?
  45. Does Carrey favor any charities or stuff like that? Does he do benefits?
  46. What is Jim Carrey's favorite color? What is his favorite food?
  47. Has anyone in alt.fan.jim-carrey ever actually met Jim Carrey?
  48. Is that actually Gavin MacLeod in "Ace Ventura"?
  49. Are Carrey's films appropriate for children?
  50. Is Carrey a real madman in 'real life'? What's he like?
  51. Money, money, blah, blah.   Is it true that Carrey is now making more money than any one else in movies? How come? Is he worth it?
  52. What other movies has Jim Carrey done? Anything embarrassing from his early career?
  53. Is Jim Carrey planning on doing 'dumb' movies for the rest of his career?
  54. Has Jim Carrey ever done a porno flick?
  55. Is Jim Carrey a Songwriter? What's the story on that?
  56. How tall is Jim Carrey?
  57. Why did Jim become a U.S. citizen?
  58. Is "Pecan Pie" a movie?
  59. When will Jim be on TV next?
  60. Will Jim be visiting my city/country any time soon?