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The Bad Batch
Category: Movie
Status: Finished
Release: Spring 2017

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True Crimes
Category: Movie
Status: Finished
Release: 2017

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I'm Dying Up Here
Category: Series (producer)
Status: Filming
Release: 2017

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11/29/16  Finders Keepers Bl...
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I'm returning to love. Something I will always control. ;^P https://t.co/Qk71P9d... »

Latest News

17 Nov 2016
  Memorable Moment: The Afternoon Show

In December 5th 1985 at the Canadian TV channel KPIX-TV Jim Carrey was invited for The Afternoon Show to promote the movie "Once Bitten". After a small talk the hosts Ann Fraser...
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09 Nov 2016
  Jim Carrey the cartoonist

Recently, the top news everywhere in the world are the American Elections and many celebrities have voiced their opinion about who should be the next President of the United States...
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03 Nov 2016
  Jim Carrey dresses up in response to Adele

It's very beautiful to see when artists show respect and love for one another. Recently people celebrated Halloween, a perfect time to disguise yourself in the possible costume you...
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27 Oct 2016
  20th Anniversary Tribute To Jim Carrey

If you're a Jim Carrey fan, this website is for you but if you're a fan who has something to say, this article in particular will meet your needs. In the year that we celebrate ...
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