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11/13 Jim Carrey At The Vulture Festival
The Vulture website talks about everything regarding entertainment and also have a festival. This year the Vulture festival will he held at "The Hollywood Roosevelt" Hotel on November 17 and 18th. Jim Carrey will be attending on Sunday November 18th for a conversation with Jerry Saltz, a New Yor... Read article

11/12 Kidding Recap: S1E10 (Some Day)
Here we are, the first season finale of Kidding and everything coming to ahead after nine previous episodes. Itís been an emotional rollercoaster ride for both Jeff Pickles, his family, and us the viewers. Weíve experienced joy, heartbreak, and anger throughout the show that you donít get that kind ... Read article

11/10 "Kidding" Marathon Tomorrow!
The season finale of Showtime's "Kidding" will air tomorrow, November 11th and to celebrate the channel decided to allow you to watch all episodes of the series in a row! Yes! The Kidding marathon will start at 3:30 pm followed at 10/9 pm with the final episode of the series only on Showtime netw... Read article

11/07 The Truman Show 20th Year Anniversary
On June 5th, 1998, the movie "The Truman Show" premiered for the first time in theaters. The movie became a huge success and in a way, foresees the beginning of reality shows. The movie tell the story of Truman Burbank, a man that is the star of a reality show, since he was born but doesn't know.... Read article

11/05 Kidding Recap: S1E9 (Lt. Pickles)
In the last episode, viewers were treated to a trip back in time when the Pickles family were at their normalcy before the car accident that killed older twin Phillip. In this episode, we go back to the present after Jeffís post-Thanksgiving meltdown in his fatherís office. What happens afterwards l... Read article

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10/30/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E8 (Philliam)
10/29/2018  LA Times Photoshoot
10/27/2018  Jim Carrey BAFTA Awards Speech
10/25/2018  LA Times IndigNATION Art Exhibition Article
10/23/2018  IndigNATION Art Exhibition Opening
10/22/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E7 (Kintsugi)
10/21/2018  Kidding Fan Art
10/20/2018  The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling on DVD
10/18/2018  "Sonic" Movie Wraps Production
10/17/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E6 (The Cookie)
10/16/2018  The New Yorker Festival - Video Footage
10/14/2018  LA Times Interview - cartoons for exhibition
10/13/2018  "How To Be A Puppeter" Video Featurette
10/11/2018  "Kidding" Renewed For Season 2
10/10/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E5 (The New You)
10/09/2018  Jim Carrey On The 2018 New Yorker Festival
10/08/2018  Jim Carrey Getting the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award
10/07/2018  Jim Carrey At The 2018 New Yorker Festival
10/05/2018  Jim Carrey Skylife Magazine Interview
10/02/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E4 (Bye, Mom)
10/01/2018  "Kidding" creator wrote the show for Jim Carrey in secret
09/30/2018  "I'm Dying Up Here" Canceled At Showtime
09/29/2018  "Aleister Arcane" can be the next Jim Carrey movie
09/27/2018  Jim Carrey 'IndigNation' Art Exhibition
09/25/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E3 (Every Pain Needs a Name)
09/24/2018  Meet The Pickles Featurette
09/23/2018  Kidding A Show Within A Show
09/22/2018  New Kidding Featurette - Breaking The Norm
09/20/2018  Lee Majdoub joins Sonic movie
09/19/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E2 (Pusillanimous)
09/18/2018  Updated: First look of Jim Carrey in "Sonic"
09/16/2018  Behind Jim Carrey's Mr. Picklesí Puppet Time
09/15/2018  Schedule Change for "Sonic"
09/13/2018  USA Today Photoshoot
09/12/2018  "Kidding" premiere episode reached 1 million viewers
09/12/2018  Jim Carrey's Political Cartoons in Art Exhibition
09/12/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E1 (Green Means Go)
09/10/2018  Jim Carrey at the Emmys last night
09/09/2018  "Kidding" Premiere Today
09/09/2018  Watch Jim Carrey on Real Time with Bill Maher
09/08/2018  Watch Full Jim Carrey Interview - Jimmy Kimmel Live!
09/07/2018  Jim Carrey Featured in New York Times With Photos
09/07/2018  Jim Carrey Says He Is Ready For An "In Living Color" Revival
09/06/2018  Kidding World Premiere
09/06/2018  Kidding - Press Conference
09/05/2018  Jim Carrey At Real Time With Bill Maher
09/04/2018  Jim Carrey at The New Yorker Festival
09/03/2018  Kidding World Premiere
09/02/2018  Jim Carrey At Jimmy Kimmel Live
09/01/2018  "Sonic" is Coming Sooner than Expected

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