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09/24 Meet The Pickles Featurette
Sunday a new episode of "Kidding" will air but if you haven't watched the series yet, we would like to introduce you to The Pickles Family. Seb (Frank Langella) is the father/executive producer and Deidre is the sister/puppet maker. But don't take our word for it, takes Jim Carrey's: "Jeff Pic... Read article

09/23 Kidding A Show Within A Show
The series "Kidding" shows us the struggles of being a public persona when your private life is a mess. Jeff Pickles (Jim Carrey), has been the host of a children show that spreads message of love and understanding to everyone. But, it would be impossible to show that world without actually creat... Read article

09/22 New Kidding Featurette - Breaking The Norm
The cool thing about a TV show is that though out the time the show is airing… you don't have to wait for the DVD set to see bonus features. Recently Showtime, shared a video of Jim talking about a scene he shoot for "Kidding". "Kidding is about trying to keep things in line, when there's just... Read article

09/20 Lee Majdoub joins Sonic movie
Lee Majdoub (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency) has joined the cast of Jim Carrey's upcoming live-action/CGI "Sonic". The movie centers on Sonic (Ben Schwartz voice) and his friends, such as Tails and Knuckles, who run around collecting items and points as they attempt to foil the global do... Read article

09/19 Kidding Recap: S1E2 (Pusillanimous)
According to the show’s critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes, “fans of Jim Carrey's slapstick may be disappointed, but other viewers may find a surprisingly poignant examination of life and grief in Kidding.” While true, it’s evident by the amount of viewers who checked out the first episode last w... Read article

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09/18/2018  Updated: First look of Jim Carrey in "Sonic"
09/16/2018  Behind Jim Carrey's Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time
09/15/2018  Schedule Change for "Sonic"
09/13/2018  USA Today Photoshoot
09/12/2018  "Kidding" premiere episode reached 1 million viewers
09/12/2018  Jim Carrey's Political Cartoons in Art Exhibition
09/12/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E1 (Green Means Go)
09/10/2018  Jim Carrey at the Emmys last night
09/09/2018  "Kidding" Premiere Today
09/09/2018  Watch Jim Carrey on Real Time with Bill Maher
09/08/2018  Watch Full Jim Carrey Interview - Jimmy Kimmel Live!
09/07/2018  Jim Carrey Featured in New York Times With Photos
09/07/2018  Jim Carrey Says He Is Ready For An "In Living Color" Revival
09/06/2018  Kidding World Premiere
09/06/2018  Kidding - Press Conference
09/05/2018  Jim Carrey At Real Time With Bill Maher
09/04/2018  Jim Carrey at The New Yorker Festival
09/03/2018  Kidding World Premiere
09/02/2018  Jim Carrey At Jimmy Kimmel Live
09/01/2018  "Sonic" is Coming Sooner than Expected
08/31/2018  Kidding - First Episode Available in USA
08/30/2018  Kidding Reviews
08/29/2018  Kidding Billboards
08/25/2018  "Kidding" Photoshoot with Jim Carrey
08/22/2018  "Bruce Almighty" Coming To Netflix
08/21/2018  Ayla - A sculpture by Jim Carrey
08/19/2018  "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond" Emmy Nomination
08/18/2018  The Hollywood Reporter Video Clip
08/17/2018  Jim Carrey on His Political Artwork & "Kidding" on ExtraTV
08/16/2018  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute to Aretha Franklin
08/16/2018  Jim Carrey Shows New Haircut For "Sonic" Movie
08/15/2018  Jim Carrey Photoshoot by THR
08/15/2018  Jim Carrey featured in The Hollywood Reporter
08/11/2018  Jim Carrey Speak About His Cartoons
08/10/2018  "Sonic" Adds MCU Veterans Adam Pally, Neal McDonough
08/09/2018  Ben Schwartz to Voice "Sonic" in Upcoming Movie
08/09/2018  Jim Carrey gives out "Sonic the Hedgehog" details
08/08/2018  Jim Carrey in Kidding panel at TCA
08/07/2018  Second Trailer and Two Posters for Kidding
08/03/2018  Jim Carrey Filming Sonic in Vancouver
08/02/2018  "Kidding" has officially wrapped filming of Season 1
08/01/2018  Jim Carrey About His Cartoons
07/31/2018  Dark Crimes Hits Blu-ray Today!
07/29/2018  Kidding - Jim on Mr. Jeff Pickles Video
07/27/2018  Sonic - James Marsden Set Photos
07/26/2018  Jim Carrey on the set with Cole Allen
07/24/2018  Jim Carrey Online Instagram
07/22/2018  A third Ace Ventura movie isn't in Jim's plans right now
07/20/2018  "Kidding" Behind The Scenes Featurette
07/16/2018  New movie title and logo for "Sonic the Hedgehog"?

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