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03/16 Jim Carrey Tribute To New Zealand
Yesterday, the world woke up to the news of another senseless act of terrorism in New Zealand. Many people got hurt and many more were killed. Jim Carrey was one of many who couldn't stay indifferent to this coward act and he posted a tribute on his twitter account: We at JCO want to send... Read article

03/05 Sonic The Hedgehog – First Look
If you don’t have any patience… you can’t be a fan. It seems harsh but the reality is, we have to wait a long time for the entire process of development a movie to happen. As we previously reported Jim played Dr. Robotnik for the movie “Sonic The Hedgehog” and now that principal photography is a... Read article

03/03 Jim Carrey Latest Cartoons
If you haven't been here for a while or if you don't follow Jim Carrey on Twitter, you may have missed out on Jim's latest political cartoons. Here's the most recent art: Two and a half hours of manic logorrhea. Brought to you by the makers of Adderall! pic.twitter.com/YVNosBYp6F— Jim Ca... Read article

02/18 Kidding In Pre-Production
Oh yes! Finally some news we have been waiting for a long time. The pre-production for Season 2 of the Showtime TV show "Kidding" has officially begun. One of the writer: Jas Waters has posted a Tweet indicatiing the start of it. Check the Tweet here: Season 2 starts now @SHOKidding pic.... Read article

02/14 Kidding Available On iTunes
Season 2 of the Showtime TV Show "Kidding", starring Jim Carrey will start production soon but until then you can always catch up on all the episodes from the first season. But the good news is, if you don't have Showtime, you can still watch it! Kidding is now available on iTunes! Her... Read article

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02/07/2019  Kidding Nominated for Golden Reel Awards
02/01/2019  Jim Carrey at The Vulture Festival (part 2)
01/31/2019  Jim Carrey at The Vulture Festival (part 1)
01/17/2019  Happy Birthday Jim Carrey
01/16/2019  Jim Carrey's Cartoons in new Exhibit
01/09/2019  Jim Carrey's Cartoon Contest Winner
01/07/2019  Jim Carrey Golden Globes Moment
01/07/2019  Help Jim Carrey to Finish His Donald Trump Cartoon
01/07/2019  Golden Globes - Red Carpet Photos
01/06/2019  Jim Carrey at Showtime's Golden Globe Nominees Celebration
01/05/2019  Video of Jim Carrey's speech from PSIFF Awards Gala
01/04/2019  Photos from PSIFF Awards Gala
01/03/2019  Jim Carrey Presenter at PSIFF Awards Gala tonight
01/02/2019  Sonic Fan Art Imagines Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik Look
12/31/2018  Happy New Year - 2019 Will Be A Blast
12/27/2018  Best of 2018: Kidding
12/23/2018  Merry Christmas!
12/18/2018  Best of 2018: Dark Crimes
12/16/2018  Sonic the Hedgehog's International Release Dates
12/15/2018  Best of 2018: I'm Dying Up Here
12/12/2018  Second poster for "Sonic the Hedgehog"
12/10/2018  First "Sonic the Hedgehog" Poster
12/09/2018  Best of 2018: IndigNation Art Exhibition
12/06/2018  Kidding is Nominated for Two Golden Globe Awards
12/05/2018  "Kidding" on DVD in January
12/02/2018  IndigNation Art Exhibition Extended until December 8th
11/30/2018  Jim Carrey's KCRW Radio Interview (part 2)
11/30/2018  Jim Carrey's KCRW Radio Interview (part 1)
11/28/2018  Jane Carrey Guest Hosting Catfish
11/26/2018  Jim Carrey IndigNation Exhibition - Final Week
11/23/2018  Jim Carrey - The advice he didn't take
11/19/2018  Vulture Festival - Photos
11/13/2018  Jim Carrey At The Vulture Festival
11/12/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E10 (Some Day)
11/10/2018  "Kidding" Marathon Tomorrow!
11/07/2018  The Truman Show 20th Year Anniversary
11/05/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E9 (Lt. Pickles)
10/30/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E8 (Philliam)
10/29/2018  LA Times Photoshoot
10/27/2018  Jim Carrey BAFTA Awards Speech
10/25/2018  LA Times IndigNATION Art Exhibition Article
10/23/2018  IndigNATION Art Exhibition Opening
10/22/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E7 (Kintsugi)
10/21/2018  Kidding Fan Art
10/20/2018  The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling on DVD
10/18/2018  "Sonic" Movie Wraps Production
10/17/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E6 (The Cookie)
10/16/2018  The New Yorker Festival - Video Footage
10/14/2018  LA Times Interview - cartoons for exhibition
10/13/2018  "How To Be A Puppeter" Video Featurette

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