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Frequently Asked Questions
The Riddler
Question: Has Jim Carrey ever done a porno flick?

A: Not that we know of, but we placed an anonymous phone call to Hard Copy's Viewer Mail phone line and I'm sure they put their crack investigative team right on the story. As near as we can tell, the rumors about a porno movie refer to a cheapy nudie flick that Carrey made in Montreal in the early '80's. (All dialogue in French.) The then starving actor was paid about $500 bucks to walk around nude in a film that had something to do with Swedish saunas. Maybe I'm a stickler for details but I don't think this counts as a 'porn' film. No sex, just nudity. (Which doesn't seem to bother Carrey all that much. He has a bare butt scene in Ace Ventura, and there was the Comedy Store 20th Anniversary Special on HBO. The so-called 'nudie' film was pretty tame.)

Don't bother looking for the above mentioned film. Sources have indicated that all rights and copies have been bought up and it won't be in distribution. (Hey, what's the point of making big bucks if you can't use it to erase a few mistakes.)

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