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Frequently Asked Questions
The Riddler
Question: How tall is Jim Carrey?


This question used to be the holy grail of inquiries at alt.fan.jim-carrey. Every six months or so the question, "How tall is JC?" would pop up and we would cease all other conversations and debate this question. We came to the conclusion that we could only settle this with a vote. (A device that really doesn't settle anything, but gives everyone the democratic feeling that their voice was heard on an important issue.) We voted on over six feet but under six four.

Then "Liar Liar" came out and Mr. Carrey answered the Number One question of fans everywhere himself. In the courtroom scene where Fletcher Reede is trying to figure out how to get a continuance in court and decides on doing himself bodily harm in an effort to gain sympathy from the judge, Fletcher is asked to describe his assailant (himself)

"About six two, about 180 pounds, big teeth, kinda gangly..."

On behalf of Carrey FandomWorldwide, Spank you Jim, Spank you very much!

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