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Frequently Asked Questions
The Riddler
Question: What do you like about that guy anyway? (What's the appeal?)

Answer: There are a great many people in this world who do not find Carrey funny. This is okay. However, a small percentage of those people who dislike Carrey persist in tormenting the people who are fans. They tell us that he ain't funny and that we have lower IQ's than a baboon in a coma, just because we get the giggles when we watch the guy. These folks seem to think there is some mystery to Carrey's appeal and they just can't decipher it.

There ain't no mystery. Carrey is just a very funny guy. (Honest to god, the guy just cracks me up.) He also moves, uhm, exceptionally well and is a very good dancer. He has a wicked sense of style, dresses well, has a highly evolved sense of personal hygiene and does interesting and innovative things with his hair. What more could a fan want. Not only that, but he has a great elastic voice and can do really great impressions, he is a reasonably decent singer, and is exceptionally limber and looks very good in green. Why do we like this guy? What's not to like?

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