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In Living Color
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Fire Marshall Bill: "Fear not young lovers, I am Fire Marshall Bill Burns and I notice your (?) is getting a little warm south of the navel there, son."
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Fire Marshall Bill: "Keep your rocket in your pocket Mr. Spaceman, you're not getting out of here, until you learn the meaning of safe sex."
Wave: 58 KB
Fire Marshall Bill: "(?) I should note that it contain scenes that may disturb sensitive viewers... DEAL WITH IT!!!"
Wave: 66 KB
Fire Marshall Bill: "You're ready to enjoy?... Drink a bubbly. But you don't know is our friendly (?) by the sudden cancellation of The Cheavy Chase Show, thus distracted he has mistakenly switched your champagne with highly instable, boric acid."
Wave: 160 KB
Fire Marshall Bill: "Now, lets say your wife decides it's time to get this party started... suddenly the freak inside her is unleashed, she's possessed by the spirit of Carmen Miranda..."
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Fire Marshall Bill: "I seem to be losing my battle with gingivitis."
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Manson: "(?) I did a lot of sculptures though, mostly of contorted human figures."
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