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The Itsy Bitsy Spider
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The Exterminator: "Ooops, in the industry we call that acceptable losses."
RealAudio: 9 KB; Wave: 80 KB
The Exterminator: "Adios amigo!"
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 56 KB
Woman: "What is that?"
The Exterminator: "It's a
high-tech microchip thermo-nuclear light sensitive radioactive blue screen laptop computer generator triple-decker arachnid detector and etch-a-sketch. Any more questions??"
RealAudio: 20 KB; Wave: 201 KB
The Exterminator: "Madam, your arachnid problem has been rectified."
RealAudio: 9 KB; Wave: 74 KB
The Exterminator: "This is gonna cost an itsy bitsy more!"
RealAudio: 9 KB; Wave: 62 KB
The Exterminator: "He leaves me no alternative but to bomb the house."
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 49 KB
The Exterminator: "This bug needs killin' reeal bad!"
RealAudio: 9 KB; Wave: 61 KB
The Exterminator: "Try this you fly-eaten son of an egg sac!"
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 60 KB
The Exterminator: "It's pyrotechnics time!"
RealAudio: 9 KB; Wave: 76 KB
The Exterminator: "Quitter!! Quitter! Nobody likes a quitter, nobody likes a quitter!"
RealAudio: 18 KB; Wave: 164 KB
Woman: "What is that thing?"
The Exterminator: "This is my bug-matic autosuction compressor with turbo charge instant matter multiple-attachment. It really sucks!"
RealAudio: 17 KB; Wave: 158 KB
The Exterminator: "Telegram from Miss Muffet. Read it and weep, baby!"
RealAudio: 11 KB; Wave: 101 KB
The Exterminator: "He's in the wall..."
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 60 KB
The Exterminator: "Warning! Warning! Vaporization of outer latex insulation in progress. Drop and roll! Drop and roll!"
RealAudio: 15 KB; Wave: 125 KB
The Exterminator: "Kinda gives you the willies, doesn't he?"
RealAudio: 5 KB; Wave: 37 KB
Woman: "What's this big thing?"
The Exterminator: "It's a highly virulent, malodorous toxic poison that upon contact will burn and corrode. You might want to crack a window."
RealAudio: 18 KB; Wave: 163 KB
The Exterminator: "I'm the Exterminator, here to deskirminate, antiverminate and totally obscurminate your household pest."
RealAudio: 13 KB; Wave: 120 KB