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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
There are 34 sound clips.

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Ace: "Hey, maybe I'll give you a call sometime, your number still 911?"
RealAudio: 9 KB; Wave: 156 KB
Ace: "Aaaaalllllrighty then!"
RealAudio: 5 KB; Wave: 73 KB
Ace: "Man, I'm tired of being right!"
RealAudio: 4 KB; Wave: 17 KB
Ace: "It's alive!! It's alive!!"
RealAudio: 9 KB; Wave: 178 KB
Ace: "Assholomio ooooo'sodomia!"
RealAudio: 13 KB; Wave: 261 KB
Ace: "Excuse me, I'd like to ASS you a few questions."
RealAudio: 8 KB; Wave: 152 KB
Ace: "Thank you for all your cooperation, by the way, do you have a mint, perhaps some Binaca?"
RealAudio: 15 KB; Wave: 142 KB
Ace: "Yes, yes, oh yeah!! Can you feel that, honey? Uh, uh, uh? I have exorcised the demons! This house is clear."
Wave: 142 KB
Ace: "I don't smoke, it's a disgusting habit."
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 118 KB
Ace: "Do NOT go in there... Woooooo!!"
RealAudio: 9 KB; Wave: 85 KB
Ace: "We're going downtown."
RealAudio: 63 KB; Wave: 132 KB
Ace: "Gee, let me think... umm, sure!"
RealAudio: 9 KB; Wave: 178 KB
Ace: "HDS Sir, and how are you this afternoon? Allllrighty then,
I have a package for you."
RealAudio: 11 KB; Wave: 415 KB
Ace: "Excuse me, HDS! HDS comin' thru! Got a package, people!"
RealAudio: 60 KB; Wave: 125 KB
Ace: "Come to me jungle friends!"
RealAudio: 4 KB; Wave: 67 KB
[Ace laughs]
Real Audio: 5 KB; Wave: 18 KB
Ace: "Like a glove!"
Real Audio: 21 KB; Wave: 84 KB
Ace: "Hi, I'm looking for Ray Finkle... and a clean pair of shorts."
RealAudio: 19 KB; Wave: 186 KB
Ace: "Loo-oOo-se-eerr!"
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 68 KB
[Mission Impossible theme]
RealAudio: 518 KB; Wave: 547 KB
Ace: "Ooogeeboo, oogeebooboodoodoo..."
RealAudio: 20 KB; Wave: 201 KB
Ace: "For God sakes Jim, I'm a doctor not a poolman!"
RealAudio: 32 KB; Wave: 131 KB
Ace: "I just can't do it Captain, I don't have the powurr!"
RealAudio: 39 KB; Wave: 80 KB
Ace: "Will you give a push while you're back there, pal?"
RealAudio: 24 KB; Wave: 49 KB
Melissa: "Did you have any trouble getting in?"
Ace: "No, the guy with the rubber glove was surprisingly gentle."
RealAudio: 11 KB; Wave: 111 KB
Ace: "Go ahead. Snoop around."
RealAudio: 8 KB; Wave: 75 KB
Ace: "Afraid I'll make a stink, huh? Come on!!"
RealAudio: 26 KB; Wave: 53 KB
Ace: "If I've been drinking out of the toilet, I might have been killed."
RealAudio: 6 KB; Wave: 29 KB
Ace: "Holy ... testicle ... Tuesday."
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 61 KB
Ace: "Unconscious... exactly as I planned!"
RealAudio: 76 KB; Wave: 159 KB
Ace "If I'm not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer."
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 66 KB
Ace: "Warning, assholes are closer than they appear!!"
RealAudio: 9 KB; Wave: 173 KB
Ace: "Yes, satan?"
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 61 KB
Ace: "Yuuummy!!"
RealAudio: 4 KB; Wave: 10 KB