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Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
There are 32 sound clips.

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Ace: "I am now a child of light, your earthly money holds no appeal to me..."
Greenwall: "20 thousand dollars."
Ace: "Re-eh-eh-eh-eh-eeaaly?!?!"
RealAudio: 29 KB; Wave: 296 KB
Ace: "Isn't this incredible?!"
RealAudio: 4 KB; Wave: 31 KB
Ace: "Allow me to display my affection..."
RealAudio: 38 KB; Wave: 388 KB
Ace: "Your balls are showing."
RealAudio: 4 KB; Wave: 16 KB
Ace: "As a being of light I must show compassion for all the living things of nature."
Greenwall: "Good."
Ace: "I'm not touching it, though!"
RealAudio: 12 KB; Wave: 120 KB
Ace: "Hungry fellow? [barfing sounds] That outha hold ya for a while."
RealAudio: 29 KB; Wave: 109 KB
Ace: "Bumblebee tuna, bumblebee tuna!"
RealAudio: 5 KB; Wave: 46 KB
Ace: "You can't stop me no matter who you are."
RealAudio: 6 KB; Wave: 55 KB
Ace: "Yes, I have one right here... it's bulky but I consider it carry on."
RealAudio: 10 KB; Wave: 96 KB
Ace: "Denial can be an ugly thing."
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Ace: "Fi, fy, fo, fum, I smell the fingerprints of scum!"
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Ace: "Friends, rodents, quadrupeds... lend me your ears."
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Ace: "Guano, that sounds so familiar."
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 58 KB
Ace: "Guano bowls... collect the whole set!"
RealAudio: 10 KB; Wave: 96 KB
Ace: "You see, humans and animals CAN live in harmony!"
RealAudio: 15 KB; Wave: 149 KB
Ace: "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective! How are you this afternoon? Allllrigthy then!"
RealAudio: 11 KB; Wave: 107 KB
Ace: "Damn I'm good! Can you feel that, can you feel it? Captain Compost?"
RealAudio: 16 KB; Wave: 157 KB
[Ace laughs]
RealAudio: 23 KB; Wave: 46 KB
Greenwall: "Now please take care, the Watchootoo are a savage tribe, if they catch you, they'll show no mercy." Ace: "Worry not my brother, I will be as a fly on the wall, a grain of salt in the ocean, I will slip amongst them like a transparent... *thing*!"
RealAudio: 206 KB; Wave: 436 KB
Ace: "Ooh ooh ooh-ooh ohoh oooh, looser."
RealAudio: 36 KB; Wave: 74 KB
Ace: "Loo-hoo-se-err."
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[Ace's Gregorian chant]
RealAudio: 377 KB
Ace: "Ooooohhhhmaaaan!!"
RealAudio: 7 KB; Wave: 31 KB
Ace: "Duh! Nobody wants to play with me!"
RealAudio: 8 KB; Wave: 78 KB
Ace: "Aren't I the popular one?"
RealAudio: 4 KB; Wave: 33 KB
Ace: "Pride is an abomination, one must forgo the self to attain total spiritual cleanliness and avoid the chewy chunks of degradation."
RealAudio: KB; Wave: 243 KB
Ace: "You know, you can put somebody's eye out with that thing."
RealAudio: 24 KB; Wave: 115 KB
Ace: "Reaeaeaeaeallly!"
RealAudio: 10 KB; Wave: 91 KB
Ace: "It's gonna be some kind of a record!"
RealAudio: 6 KB; Wave: 49 KB
Ace: "Kinda hot in these rhinos!"
RealAudio: 23 KB; Wave: 47 KB
Ace: "Shikaka, Shikakaaa, Shikasche, Shischkebab, Shawshank Redemption, Chicago!!!"
RealAudio: 32 KB; Wave: 327 KB
Ace: "There's someone on the wing, some... thing!"
RealAudio: 11 KB; Wave: 111 KB
Ace: "Spank you very much!"
RealAudio: 3 KB; Wave: 10 KB
Ace: "Take care now, bye-bye then."
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Ace: "Do I have something in my teeth?"
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Ace: "Let's do all the things that *you* wanna do."
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Ace: "Hi, welcome back."
RealAudio: 5 KB; Wave: 41 KB
Ace: "BAT?... what... BAT?"
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Ace: "I couldn't help but notice that 'Echinsu Ocha' part. Did you just referred to me as 'White Devil'?"
Ouda: "This is how they know you."
Ace: "Leave that part out for now on!"
RealAudio: 81 KB; Wave: 170 KB
Ace: "And now the Yak... yak, yeeeeaak, yeeea!"
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