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03/05/2013  Funny or Die teases new Jim Carrey short movie
03/05/2013  Preview of 'Inside Comedy' with Jim Carrey
03/04/2013  Jim Carrey on Late Show with David Letterman
03/03/2013  Jim Carrey Interview and Burt Wonderstone B-rolls
03/03/2013  35 New Photos From The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
03/02/2013  Two New Burt Wonderstone TV Spots
03/01/2013  LA Premiere of "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone"
03/01/2013  "Kick-Ass 2" Release Date Delayed By Two Months
02/28/2013  Burt Wonderstone Movie Clip - Magicians Bar
02/27/2013  Jim Carrey Hits 10 Million Twitter Followers!
02/25/2013  Jim Carrey wears big feet to Elton John's Oscar Party
02/20/2013  Second TV Spot for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
02/18/2013  Two New Magical Jim Carrey Posters
02/08/2013  Burt Wonderstone TV Spot Released
02/07/2013  Want to be Jim Carrey Online Web Correspondent?
02/05/2013  Jim Carrey's appearance on GATE 3.0
02/02/2013  Filming In April For Jim Carrey's Heist Comedy "Loomis Fargo"
01/31/2013  Jim Carrey's "Burt Wonderstone" Character Poster
01/31/2013  International Burt Wonderstone Trailer
01/29/2013  New "Burt Wonderstone" movie posters released
01/28/2013  Kick-Ass 2 Photos in This Week’s Empire
01/23/2013  Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler May Star in Marvel Movie
01/22/2013  Jim Carrey In Stephen Hawking Documentary
01/20/2013  Official First Look at Jim Carrey in "Kick-Ass 2"
01/19/2013  Create Your Own Burt Wonderstone Poster!
01/18/2013  Jim Carrey celebrated his 51st birthday yesterday
01/17/2013  Happy Birthday Jim Carrey!
01/16/2013  "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" to Open SXSW Film Festival
01/15/2013  "Dumb & Dumber To" Ready To Go On The Floor
01/11/2013  2013 Jim Carrey Prediction Quiz now just launched
01/04/2013  Showtime's 'Inside Comedy' to Premiere in February
12/31/2012  Happy New Year!
12/27/2012  Burt Wonderstone Websites
12/24/2012  Merry Christmas
12/21/2012  The Burt Wonderstone trailer is finally here
12/20/2012  Character Posters for Burt Wonderstone Online
12/19/2012  Trailer in theaters Friday
12/18/2012  Official First Look at Jim Carrey in "Burt Wonderstone"
12/16/2012  Jim Carrey join call for tighter gun control laws
12/15/2012  Producer's Guild of America to Honor Jim Carrey
12/05/2012  Jim Carrey Appears On The Cover Of Vanity Fair
12/01/2012  Photo of Jim Carrey from London
11/26/2012  "Kick-Ass 2" Wraps Production
11/22/2012  Memorable Moment: Jay Leno 2003
11/04/2012  Memorable Moment: David Letterman 2003
10/22/2012  Kick-Ass 2 cast on cruise
10/18/2012  Official Plot Synopsis For "Kick-Ass 2"
10/16/2012  Jim Carrey in Talks For Heist Comedy "Loomis Fargo"
10/11/2012  Burt Wonderstone release date in Spring 2013
10/07/2012  Filming in Pinewood Studios in England

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