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The Mask
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International Release

USA 29 Jul 1994
Netherlands 20 Oct 1994
France 26 Oct 1994
Germany 24 Nov 1994
Spain 25 Nov 1994
Australia 8 Dec 1994
Finland 23 Dec 1994
Denmark 25 Dec 1994
Sweden 25 Dec 1994
Argentina 29 Dec 1994

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Basic Information

Current Status On DVD
US Release July 29, 1994
DVD Release November 24, 1998
Official Sites Not available anymore
Genre Comedy
Running time 97 minutes
Credits Jim Carrey ... Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask
Cameron Diaz ... Tina Carlyle
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Story Line Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) is a wimp but when he finds a mask that depicts Loki, the Norse night god of mischief he becomes a manic super hero.
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Time flies! Especially if you're having a good time! 25 years ago, today, July29th 1994, the movie "The Mask" hit the theathers. Even though the movie had been filmed before the release of Ace Ventura, by the time it premiered people knew who Jim Carrey was. The movie, which cost $23 million t...
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10 Apr 2018 The Mask Animated Series on DVD today
If you're a Jim Carrey fan, it's impossible not to know about the movie "The Mask". Jim played Stanley Ipkiss, a shy but loving guy who finds a mysterious mask that changes his personality and looks, becoming the Mask. The 1994 movie was very popular and continued to cement Jim Carrey as an amazi...
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07 Jan 2015 Memorable Moment: Space Ghost in 1994
Jim Carrey was interviewed in 1994 in the show 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast' to promote his new movie "The Mask". For those of you who don't know who 'Space Ghost' is it a Late Night Fictional Talk Show Host in the USA. He seems like a funny little chap, dry wit he needs this for taking on Jim Car...
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