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Jim Carrey Statement About Vaccines
06 Jul 2015    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

In a previous article, we mention the controversy that Jim Carrey's opinion, about the recent Vaccine Law in California, generated among the media and public.

As a fan website, we are used to read all kinds of things and not always in a good way. It's something we can't help, no matter how frustrating it is to read.

It's also very hard to understand why people can't just learn before judging so in that sense we definitely can sympathize with Jim Carrey and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Today, Jim issued a statement on his Official Facebook page. In that page you could read the following:

QuoteFrank Bruni recently wrote a factually inaccurate and uninformed article in the NYTimes attacking Robert F. Kennedy Jr., myself and all who dare to oppose the mandatory vaccine campaign while avoiding an open invitation from Mr. Kennedy himself to sit and show Mr. Bruni first hand the plethora of undeniable studies and irrefutable evidence that have been systematically suppressed by the CDC linking thimerosal/mercury to autism and other neurological disorders. As the drug companies' noose tightens around the neck of our media I feel a deep moral outrage and ethical responsibility to draw awareness not only to this rebuttal and the information therein, but to point out that the NYTimes has declined to publish it. Please read Mr. Kennedy's statement and take the time to look at the scientific facts on his website. It's crucial to the future of our children and our freedom that you yourselves review the information Mr. Bruni and the NYTimes are avoiding. Please forward and retweet this link. You have our thanks.
- Jim

Attached to this statement was another link from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. website with his statement, that we share here and that we ask you all, to please read:

I wish we could say that we are surprised that the media, got it wrong.
I wish we could say that professionalism and honesty are above anything else.
I wish we could say that it will never happen again…. But it will.

In times like this when any information is just two clicks away - not only because of Google but mainly because people are also, just two clicks away from each other- it never ceases to surprise us how people mask insults with "opinions", truths with "convenience" and lies with "facts".

For the record…

We sign allow side Jim and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. statements, because we read what Jim Carrey and Mr. Robert Kennedy Jr said, and we agreed. We also were professional enough to read what Frank Bruni wrote as well and so we wrote this article, accordingly.

You can argue that we are a fan website and that we are biases. We are. But… we did manage to do it without attacking anyone, like a professional should, an apparently, nonexistent concept in the media nowadays. And we are proud of it!

We advice everyone to do research, before forming any kind of opinion. Spreading knowledge with each other should be the motto for the future generations and not share ignorance.

We at JCO will proudly continue to updated you as more news come.

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