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Jim Carrey About Recent Vaccine Law
02 Jul 2015    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

Last Tuesday, the California governor Jerry Brown passed a law that "removes most of the state's vaccination exemptions, meaning parents can only send unvaccinated kids to school if they have a doctor's note." This automatically makes California on the strictest states when it comes to vaccines.

Jim Carrey, who has always express his opinion about this subject, took on Twitter to express his opinion on the law:

Yesterday, July 1st, Jim send several tweets further explaining his stand on the issue:

In this world, we are all different and we are influenced by the culture we grew up in, by the people we have around us and even by what we read and learn.

It still surprise us, here at JCO, that people have a hard time understanding, what Jim Carrey has said before and repeat in those tweets.

Jim defends non-toxic vaccines.

This is a request that out of pure ignorance some people have been blind to see by bullying those who have a different opinion.

Again, as we have said before… it's all about some form of compromise.

We at JCO will, continue to keep you updated with the hope that love and respect can prevail, as more news come.

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