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The Number 23
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What's it about

'Walter Sparrow is a simple, quiet family man, a dogcatcher by trade. One evening, a mysterious dog leads him on a convoluted chase that causes him to be late for a meeting with his wife. While waiting for Walter, she wanders into a used bookstore and buys a book. This book will change Walter’s life forever. Walter hates to read but reluctantly begins thumbing through the short novel called The Number 23.

The book chronicles the murderous obsession of a man named Fingerling with the number 23, and how this number comes to rule his life. To Walter’s horror, the book seems to mirror intimate details of his past. The more he reads, the more revealing the book becomes, and he begins to notice the number 23 popping up in almost everything he does. Before long, Walter shares the same obsession and paranoia as Fingerling. Now the book not only knows his past, it begins to forecast his future. And his future seems to be that of a killer.

The Number 23
© New Line Cinema

Walter discovers that the book is actually a confession to a 15-year-old murder that he seems destined to repeat. He realizes he is becoming a danger to those around him, especially his family. The only way to save himself, to prevent the number 23 from driving him insane, to stop fate from turning him into a killer is to find the book’s author and uncover the truth.

Is the curse real? Has the number 23 taken control of Walter’s destiny or is it all just the power of suggestion? Does Walter suffer from some kind of dementia or is there a killer out there waiting for justice? How far will the number push him? Will it force him to become a killer? The answers will lead him to a truth more horrifying then he could have ever imagined.'


Production Companies New Line Cinema
Fingerling Films
Distributor New Line Cinema
Director Joel Schumacher
Writer Fernley Phillips
Producers Beau Flynn
Fernley Phillips
Tripp Vinson
Executive Producers Richard Brener
Mike Drake
Toby Emmerich
Keith Goldberg
Eli Richbourg
Brooklyn Weaver
Composer Harry Gregson-Williams
Cinematographer Matthew Libatique
Editor Mark Stevens
Cast List Jim Carrey
Virginia Madsen
Logan Lerman
Danny Huston
Coier Amerson
Alan Kemper Armani
Michelle Arthur
Meghan Ashley
Patricia Belcher
Lulu Brud
Paul Butcher
Lynn Collins
Maile Flanagan
Shannon Gayle
Tara Karsian
Ka'ramuu Kush
Tom Lenk
Lesli Margherita
Taylor McCluskey
Rhona Mitra
Jean-Pierre Parent
Mark Pellegrino
Nathan Pitkanen
Angel Princess
Julie Remala
K.T. Rowe
David Stifel
Corey Stoll
Tiffany Turner
Walter Sparrow/Fingerling
Agatha Sparrow/Fabrizia
Robin Sparrow
Isaac French/Dr. Miles Phoenix
Dinner Guest
Dr. Alice Mortimer
Asylum patient
Young Walter & Young Fingerling
Suicide Blonde
Eccentric Best Friend
Lucinda/Attractive Co-ed #2
Confused Clerk
Fingerling Sergeant
Bookstore Clerk
Attractive co-ed
Laura Tollins
Kyle Finch
Prison Gang Member
High School Student
Mail Clerk
The Girlfriend
Hotel Clerk

Movie Quotes

Walter Sparrow: So what is 23?

Walter Sparrow: I was born at 11:12 p.m. Eleven plus twelve!

Walter Sparrow: She had a face that was meant to smile.

Walter Sparrow: I could have died there on the street, but that wouldn't have been justice. At least not the justice father's teach their sons.

Walter Sparrow: I once read that the only philosophical question that matters, is whether or not to commit suicide... I guess that makes me a philosopher.

Suicide Blonde: I'm a bad person. I don't wanna make you bad.
Fingerling: You don't have that power!

Walter Sparrow: Be sure your sin will find you out.

Walter Sparrow: Of course time is just a counting system - numbers with meanings attached to them.


The truth will find you.

A number is just a number. Or is it?

First it takes hold of your mind... then it takes hold of your life.

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