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Ferndale finalizes transformations for "Majestic"
15 Mar 2001    

It's almost there! Our location correspondent brings us the latest happenings in town as Ferndale gets ready to welcome "The Majestic" production next week:

«Ferndale is rapidly becoming The Little Town That Time Forgot---the upper third of Main Street is quickly being transformed into the town of Lawson, in 1951. Shop windows are being dressed with vintage items: household appliances, dishes, shoes, hardware with all the appropriate signs inside and painted on the window.

Period medicine/notion boxes and bottles in window of Rings Pharmacy Period Open for Business sign at Silva's Fine Jewelry Installing a facade/sidewalk-cover on the Enterprise office across the street from Town Hall
Period medicine/notion boxes and bottles in window of Rings Pharmacy. Period "Open for Business" sign at Silva's Fine Jewelry.
© Ferndale Fritz
Installing a facade/sidewalk-cover on the "Enterprise" office across the street from Town Hall.

When you look at The Majestic set, even close up its hard to tell the building has not been standing here for the last 100 years: its in the Victorian style, but its built and painted to look as if its been updated over the decades since it was new, with a spetacular sunburst display of blue and yellow and orange neon on the marquee, rising three stories over Main Street. Even the sides of the building are carefully painted to simulate age and wear.

Its been very busy these last several days: filming is scheduled to begin next week, according to this weeks' Ferndale Enterprise which also has an extended interview with director Frank Darabont about Jim Carrey and The Majestic.

Movie magic is hard work: Ferndale has been tolerant of the delays and inconveniences, if not always quiet---but everything is zipping along, faster and faster as filming approaches: the vans are beginning to appear on Main Street.

I noticed these vehicles first when Outbreak was here filming: they are ordinary vans rented by the studio to take cast and crew around town quickly and efficiently---the fun is, you never know who's going to get out of the van. It could be a lighting techician carrying a plug or it could be the Great Man Himself...»

-- With a Majestic Spank You to our correspondent for the production details. Click to comment this article.

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