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Ferndale "Majestic" shooting schedule
15 Mar 2001    

Ferndale Fritz also sent us more details on today's special edition of the Enterprise, dedicated to "The Majestic", including the shooting schedule for the following weeks:

The weekly Ferndale Enterprise usually amounts to 6 pages every Thursday. Today's, however is a relatively massive 16 pages, almost entirely dedicated to stories, commentary and advertising about Castle Rock's "The Majestic." It begins on the top of page 1. The usual masthead was replaced with one reading in huge letters, "Lawson Beacon." Lawson is the fictional name of the town in which the film is set. Below that, in fine print, is "Future Home of Doc Stanton" followed by "Lawson, California --- A.K.A. the Ferndale Enterprise--- March 15, 2001.

A lengthy interview with director Frank Darabont takes up the better part of two pages. Other articles include the tentative schedule from Location Manager Rory Enke (next Monday, weather permitting, will involve some filming up the coast at the town of Trinidad.

Here is the planned shooting schedule...subject, of course, to weather interruptions:

Tuesday and Wednesday, March 20 & 21: The cameras should be rolling on Ferndale's Main Street and inside "Mabel's Diner."

Thursday, March 22: Main Street will be closed a good part of the day as some exterior filming is done, as well as a "running shot" in a car up and down the length of the street.

Ferndale cemetery will be the location next Friday, March 23, and crews will take that weekend off.

Monday - Wednesday, March 26-28: On Main Street again, and in and around Mabel's Diner and in the pawnshop (ne Ferndale Jewelers).

Thursday and Friday, the 29th & 30th, shooting will finally reach the front of the Majestic Theater itself, with some "day into night" scenes. Then another free weekend for the cast and crew.

April 2-4: Monday and Tuesday will see filming at the delightful "Town Hall," including the surrounding park area and on the northeast side of the building which is the Sheriff's Office entrance.

April 5-6 will be spent doing some interior shooting at Main Street stores, and more time at the cemetary.

The next week, April 9th & 10th: lots of filming at the Majestic, including an all-nighter on Tuesday night.

Wednesday April 11th will see filming "inside" Town Hall. Since the insides of Town Hall are actually a working branch of US Bank, the interior scenes will be shot across the street at the Masonic Hall.

After that, work will move off the streets and into the covered sets at the Ferndale Fairgrounds until about Thursday, April 19, when a day or two more of work around Town Hall and the Veterans' Building should wrap things up.


Ferndale Fritz Comments: After a number of questionably - even outright - derogatory articles and quotes in the Enterprise over the past month or two, it's refreshing to see such an up-beat, positive and pro-movie edition of the local paper. There are dozens of display ads from local and nearby-town merchants thanking Castle Rock and their crews for both their patronage and friendliness. Seems to me that both the Hollywood folks and my friends, the "locals," have put forth a genuine effort to be good neighbors and friends. That's the real Ferndale spirit, and I'm thrilled to see it alive and well.

-- With another Majestic Spank You to Ferndale Fritz for the schedule details. Click to comment this article.

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