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Lights Out With David Spade
16 Feb 2020    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

A few days ago Jim Carrey was at Lights Out With David Spade Show to promote "Sonic the Hedgehog" and it was an amazing interview. Jim was wearing all black clothes with a t-shirt saying "The Talent" and an gorgeous pink blazer! The full interview is not (yet) available online and when and if it becomes, we will add it here, but, two clips of it are.

In the first one David talks about Jim's work. Since David Spade was best friends with fellow actor and comedian Chris Farley, Jim tells a story about the late comedian:
"Farley came to my house one time. Oh, my God, one of the great humans ever to exist. He came to my house one time...during this children's birthday party, he came to visit. And within two minutes, it was like the pied piper of children everywhere, dancing across my lawn with children trailing behind him into the pool. Suddenly, he was a whale. He was Free Willy. And it was like they were hanging on his body. And it was unbelievable. In-Incredible moment. It was just so lovely. Until he took one of them down to the bottom. But I think he was playing."

Then they talked about Sonic and Jim tells David the good thing about this movie:
"(…) You've probably heard the story about me going up to Mulholland Drive and writing a check for myself and doing all the affirmations and all that stuff. But it's really true. I did that stuff. But one of my main affirmations was that I do some kind of work, somehow, I find a way to create characters and films that reintroduce themselves to new generations and stick around for a while. And I… honest to God, I have gotten that is spades (David Spade) I have gotten that and an incredible amount of love from people. So, I get ten-year-olds coming up to me. I get to do the Grinch face and then, I have 40-year-olds coming up to me, going, "I grew up with you, man." Yeah, it's just incredible. And this feels like kind of another Halloween costume I'm gonna get to see."

Check out the clip here:

At the end of the interview David asks some fan question:

- Would you ever do an hour stand-up special?
"Anything's possible. You know, I mean, honestly…shows like yours are honestly a chance for me to have the contact, that feeling of like a club, you know? There is something about that is, you know, just part of your... in your blood, you know? I am able to come up with material whether it's good or not at a furious pace if I get going into one of my fugue states.

- As you mature, does your humor change?
"Oh, gosh. I don't know. I think absolutely it does. I think it gets sharper. I don't know how you feel about it. And the great thing is, I keep forgetting that I did a joke already, and I can do it a hundred times. Lapses in memory are really beneficial. -(laughter)"

- Any new face impressions of other celebrities?
"New faces? No. I haven't done... (…) I mean, probably, the last time I ever did an impression in public was when I went to Russia and I went to Lenin's Tomb, and the soldiers there…I felt like they needed a good laugh. So, since I couldn't speak the language, I did my Leonid Brezhnev for them."

- You have a novel coming out. What's it about?
"I have a novel called 'Jim Carrey, Memoirs and Misinformation, That I wrote with my friend Dana Vachon. It took us eight years to write it. And it is an absurdist, treatment of my life and persona and fame. And, it is designed to end the world for you. If only for a moment because I think deep down inside all of us, all we really seek... is our own absence."

- If you got on SNL, would things be different for you?
"I did audition for SNL.(…) I got out at NBC in the Valley, and they and I was like, "Gosh, I hope this is a lucky day for me." I walked out of my car, I closed the door, and I heard, "Don't do it! Don't jump!" Like that. And I looked up at the top of NBC building and there was a page in a blue coat, trying to get his nerve up, standing on the NBC logo, trying to get his nerve up to jump off. And I went, "Not a good sign."(laughter) So Lorne and I still have a running thing where he's like, uh, "Oh, it was... it was Franken. Franken put the kibosh on you."

- You do political and non-political art, right?
"Yes That's the Mango Series. It's all about mangoes the sweetest fruit, the fruit of the gods.

Here's the clip:

We at JCO will keep you updated as news get as fresh as mangoes.

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