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The Kelly Clarkson Show
15 Feb 2020    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

If you don't know who Kelly Clarkson is… you need to get out from that rock. With an amazing voice Kelly Clarkson became known for being the first ever winner of American Idol with her amazing voice.

Last year she got a chance of being the host of her own daytime tv show and we are glad. Kelly is a very funny, talented artist and a joy to watch, so we're very happy to know that the cast of "Sonic the Hedgehog"; Jim Carrey, James Marsden and Ben Schwartz, were guests on February 14th.

Jim is the first to talk to Kelly. He walks in wearing all black clothes, except the jacket which is in a light tone of grey. He tell her about how he scared Jimmy Stewart when he was at a church with his former wife, watching the legendary actor talk:
"I sat in the pew in the very front, because I was there first, and he came out of the pulpit, and they did the story of Christmas. I was sitting there gawking I was completely out of my mind over it, and he looked down at me and stumbled over the words, because I looked like a lunatic. And then, I got to meet him afterwards, As I moved closer to him in the line, I started to, forget my own personality, and assume his manner. So by the time I got to him, I had become Jim Carrey, friend to man and beast. I literally just said "Jimmy, you are my greatest inspiration."- It was hilarious, because he turned eight shades of red, and didn't say a word to me, and walked away. I walked out and my wife said "how was it? It's like the moment of your life." And I was like, "it was great, like that". I was really freaked out. And I walked down the steps of the church, and halfway down the steps of the church it occurred to me that I had made an idol out of this man in the church. I had broken one of the commandments."

After showing a clip of "Kidding", we see Jim throwing roses at the audience and then they talked about what the show is about. Kelly mention his cartoons and we see some on the screen:
"It's catharsis. You know I've been through a lot of crazy feeling in the last few years, so I've been doing that. And I let it take me where it wants to take me. I do painting, and I do cartoons."

Then Jim brings a "love bomb" to the studio by giving away tickets to see Sonic!

Check out the first video:

Kelly asks if Jim's grandson has seen the movie and even though he hasn't yet, Jim mention that he knows about the character and it's "schooling" him on the game, even making fun of Jim for being better than him at playing. "I am trying to keep up and it is hilarious because my grandson, we were playing the other day and he is just wiping the floor with me in every respect and I get angry and I put money in the swear jar and stuff like that. And then I said to him, I finally got fed up cause he likes to trash talk me too. I said: "You know next time you come back here, I will have practiced and I'm gonna kick your butt and he said: "Yeah if you go back and get born again and start playing at the age of two." And I went like: "Who are you?""

They also talked about the particular way his daughter avoids seeing scary scenes in horror movies.

Check out the second video:

At this point James Marsden doing the conversation and asks James, if Jim is a diva on set, prompting some laughs from the audience because of Jim's reaction but Marsden just fills Jim with complements: "Quite the opposite, I will tell you. It was beyond a treat to work with this man. I have been, my whole career, my whole life. I grew up admiring this man, watching him work was one of the most special things in my career. It was great, it really was. It was a special thing to share the same frame as you, to watch you work. His attention to detail, his commitment to -But no, it was the opposite of a diva. Kelly ask him about working with a character that's not really there and they end up making a bedroom joke before singing to Kelly.

And after that, Ben Schwartz join the interview too. He talks about his mom and since the next segment of the show will have animals, Kelly asks Ben what animals he doesn't like and that turn out to make Jim let everyone know he as licked an iguana before. They bring some live animals and we get to see Jim Carrey be Ace Ventura for a little bit.

Check out the last three video clips:

What a fun interview!

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come

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