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Jim Carrey At The Last Show Of David Letterman
21 May 2015    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

It's hard to say goodbye, especially when we are use to seeing someone everyday. And even more when it's someone dear to us.

Last night David Letterman said goodbye in his last Late Night Show episode. It was an emotional but also fun 60 minutes.

One of the most known segments of David's show is the "Top Ten List". We have seen Jim Carrey participating in it but this time it was very special. Various celebrities were involved in the "Top Ten Things I've Always Wanted To Say To Dave". Jim Carrey was number 6!

Walking with a white T-shirt saying "Spank You", white trousers and shoes, Jim, stopped at the middle of the stage to say what he always wanted say: "Honestly, Dave, I've always found you to be a bit of an over actor". After saying this, Jim made both host and crowd laugh by messing up his hair and pretending to fly, while having a crazy guy look! That made the audience laught and aplaude even more, as we see Jim collegues laught in the background as well.

It was a memorable list. Check out the video:

While Dave was giving his goodbye speech, Jim Carrey and all the others especial guests were watching backstage.

Check photo:

Jim Carrey

Jim has been in many episodes and we will miss David, as a host and interviewer. We will hold dear in our hearts the good memories of the personn and comedian too.

We at JCO want to wish David Letterman, a wonderful time! And Thank you!

We will keep you updated as more news come.

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