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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
07 Jan 2011    

By Priya Baboota (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey was the guest on the 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' on 6th January. Jim made a totally different entry this time by running on the treadmill, dressed in all red sweat pants and shirt. When Fallon asked him to sit down he said, "I can't sit coz I have to get back in shape after Christmas." He also mentioned that he needed to stay very best for the fans. He wants to loose 40 pounds by Saturday!

Jim Carrey further joked that, "I had a disease in which you have to eat your skin. All ass just went." He further explained that his resting heart rate is 16. He has been buried alive three times and cremated once and it was tough to come back! Then he asked Fallon to give him water which he drank and spilled some over the treadmill.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Besides all the fun, Fallon talked about Jim Carrey being on 'Saturday Night Live' this Saturday (tomorrow), 8th January. He asked Jim what difference does he sees when he appeared on SNL many years and now. In reply to this Jim said, "Back then I was younger and now when I have to pee and wait at the urinal coz there is something extra!" He later peed in the cup and asked for a cleanex to wipe his Mr. Happy. He said that he is dabbing these days and lost control of his urithera.

Also, Fallon talked about Jim's latest release "I Love You Phillip Morris" and asked if he really got to meet Steven Russell. Jim said that he didn't get to meet the guy because he is in prison. Then, he further told the story about how Ewan McGregor is a fantastic kisser. They visited gay clubs and the ear piercing story. "It was crazy sex." Thats how Jim puts the whole story!

Watch the clips of this hilarious show in two parts here:

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