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Lisa Lampanelli will headline Jim's new HBO sitcom
03 Nov 2008    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

Lisa Lampanelli 2009 promises to be a busy year for Jim Carrey, with 2 movies hitting the big screen and a proposed HBO sitcom hitting the small screen.

Lisa Lampanelli will star in the proposed sitcom, with Jim acting as producer and creative adviser. Set in LA, Lisa plays a talented comic who inherits a comedy club and experiences the darker side to comedy.

In it, Lampanelli plays herself as a comic "in the position I was in three years ago, just short of making it." Many of her character's traits are like her own. "There are tons of awful men, there are awful codependence and food issues." But when "She inherits the comedy club in L.A.," she says. "The inmate takes over the asylum."

Rather than a straight comedy however this one will have a darker side to it, describing it as "It's a dramedy, like 'The Sopranos.' Very dark. The first scene, you think it's a mob hit. There's hardcore violence and sex is big. It has a 'Rescue Me' type of tone."

Fingers crossed the show is picked up by the network, once the pilot show has been shot early next year.

Watch this space.

-- Source: Courant.com. Click to comment this article.

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