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Jim Carrey might be Crossing Borders!
10 Oct 2006    

By Priya B (Web Correspondent)

Jim Carrey along with other top A list actors like Antonio Banderas, Natalie Portman, George Clooney, Danny DeVito and Omar Sharif have been offered the role in a movie called "Crossing Borders". This movie is still under negotiations and will be produced by Lou Di Giorgio with Yari Film Group and distribution worldwide by Universal. It will be a romantic comedy set in the year 2016, which is claimed to inspire audiences around the world for World Peace.

The producer, Di Giorgio is traveling around to scout locations for filming. According to him every actor who read the screenplay wants to be a part of it. They all see the great potential this film has to help inspire peace.

The story offers understanding and humor without offending the cultures involved and is a refreshing form of comedy that lets the audience laugh at themselves without letting someone down.

The hardest part of the movie was to write a "politically correct"' screenplay, without offending anybody.

If Jim Carrey is selected for the role in this movie it will be a first of its kind he has ever done in his career. We could see him dressed as an Arab for the first time. It will be definately interesting.

-- Source: Coopfilm. Click to comment this article.

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