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Let's Get "Neurotic"?
28 Jan 2003    

By BCDavis
(JCO Editor-In-Chief)

FoxNews reports that Jim Carrey and Sir Anthony Hopkins are set to star in "American Neurotic." The film will be about a guy who has a wild sex life, but finally decides to commit to one woman. However, he goes through therapy to work through his past many escapades with past women, and his new wild ones with the new woman of his dreams, unknowing that the father of the woman he wants to settle down with is his therapist.

Now, I don't know how FoxNews got their hands on this info. They said it's a solid story. From my experience, FoxNews is pretty reliable. But I checked Reuters, Yahoo! News, Variety, and other industry sources. I checked with Those Who Know and Anne Onimous couldn't confirm on this one, as they are usually one of the last ones to know (even though when THEY know, you know it's a go). I found this news NOWHERE else anywhere. I even contacted "FoxNews" and challeneged them to verify the source of this "solid" news. Did I hear back from them? Nope. Nada. Ixnay. Nein. Nicht. Nyet. Nothin'.

Here's the link to the story, so you make up your own mind...

"Jim Carrey, Anthony Hopkins Get 'Neurotic'"

Sooooooo, feel free to post your thoughts in The Forum. Because all of this flurry about "American Neurotic" is driving ME crazy.

-- Source: FoxNews. With thanks to Everyone who keeps bringing this film up. Click to comment this article.

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