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"The Majestic" main cast list!
22 Mar 2001    

Here it is finally, "The Majestic" main cast, complete with brief descriptions of each one of the characters:

  • Jim Carrey (Pete/Luke) -- Peter Appleton, blacklisted screenwriter at HHS Studios; after losing his job and identity (amnesia from a car crash) he is mistaken for Luke Trimble of Lawson, Calif., a WWII soldier presumed dead.
  • Laurie Holden (Adele) -- daughter of Lawson's town doctor, former girlfriend of Luke Trimble.
  • Martin Landau (Harry) -- Luke Trimble's father, and owner of THE MAJESTIC movie palace in Lawson.
  • David Ogden Stiers (Doc) -- town doctor.
  • Jeffrey DeMunn (Mayor Cole) -- Lawson's town mayor and druggist.
  • Catherine Dent (Mabel) -- owns Lawson's diner.
  • Susan Willis (Irene) -- runs candy stand at THE MAJESTIC.
  • Gerry Black (Emmett) -- elderly usher at THE MAJESTIC.
  • Brian Howe (Carl) -- Mabel's husband.
  • Karl Bury (Bob) -- Carl's brother, wounded and scarred from WWII battle.
  • Allen Garfield (Leo Kubelsky) -- Peter Appleton's Hollywood agent.
  • Bob Balaban (Elvin Clyde) -- heads House Un-American Activities Committee investigating Communist influences in Hollywood.
  • Ron Rifkin (Bannerman) -- HHS Studios lawyer.
  • Brent Briscoe (Sheriff Coleman) -- Lawson town sheriff.
  • James Whitmore (Stan) -- Lawson's wise elder who finds Pete Appleton after his car crash on the outskirts of Lawson.

-- With a very special Spank You to Mr.E for the cast list and descriptions. Click to comment this article.

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