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The Chinese Theater "Majestic" shoot
17 Mar 2001    

By S.A._JCFan
(JCO Editor)

A scooper sent Coming Attractions a few pics he took of the Mann's Chinese Theater. Among the pics are of extras dressed up in 1950's clothing. Here's an excerpt from the scooper:

"...I was at a stop light, when I noticed about fifty or so people dressed up in clothing from the 1950's walk out of the Roosevelt Hotel, across Hollywood Blvd., and towards Mann's Chinese Theater. I had no doubt in my mind what it was for, so I pulled my car over (because it's so easy to find parking there in the middle of the day), and grabbed a disposable camera I had sitting around. A few of the extras were kind enough to let me photograph them before they were wisked away by some people in headsets, wearing Majestic badges around their necks..."

And, of course, here's one of the pics:

Majestic extra in period costume
"Majestic" extra in period costume.
Photo © MacGuffin
(Visit Coming Attractions for the rest.)

-- With a special Spank You to Mr.E for sending us the URL. ;-) Click to comment this article.

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