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"Majestic" to be a closed set
16 Feb 2001    

We really can't thank enough our Anonymous contributor from Ferndale for all the ultra cool details he has been sending us. Here's his latest report:

«We understand from local sources this week that the set for The Majestic will be 'closed'---Castle Rock apparently feels that too many fans might arrive in town to see Jim Carrey, so they will not be publicizing the shooting schedule. Even though this is a remote rural area, too many people might make the effort, so they are taking precautions.

There are ongoing discussions about how to accomplish the filming so it doesn't disrupt local business traffic---will residents here have to wear a badge to identify themselves?

We heard that local deliveries are being re-routed behind the shops and stores: in one case they said Castle Rock found a 1950's UPS truck that could be used by our local driver, who would just go about his usual duties---undoubtedly wearing long pants and a 50's bow tie!

Meanwhile I have heard that local accomodations have been secured for Jim Carrey (the unofficial word is that Castle Rock is paying $10,000 a month to a local family for the use of their house. That should buy a lot of groceries.)

The other theatre in town (we have a real movie theatre built in 1920) will be the site of a staging area for actors and extras during filming---but not used in actual filming itself: they are trying to find ways of disguising it so it doesn't look like a theatre, which might be confusing. Dressing trailers will be on the grounds of a local church.

The Majestic sets are coming along, despite cold weather this week: heavy snow covers the ridges just above town, although town is clear. The theatre set is very sturdily built: people are commenting that it looks like 'real' construction of a real building, with massive steel supports and solid looking walls. The first pieces of painted exterior are going on, today---pre-weathered, cracked and peeling paint will add to the character of the theatre set (which is later refurbished in the course of the story)---the diner set will be moving into town shortly, and the new Victorian style street lights will arrive next week: all of the current street light have been turned off and are ready to be removed, leaving downtown dark at night, illuminated only by work safety lights put up by Castle Rock.»

-- With a very special Spank You to our friend at Ferndale. Click to comment this article.

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