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TMF's "Grinch" interview
18 Dec 2000    

Steven sent us the following transcript of a short but funny interview Jim Carrey gave to The Music Factory, a channel only available in Belgium and Holland, during "The Grinch" overseas promotion:

TMF: When you started the project, what did you expect to be the most difficult part?
Jim: Well, I think everybody will say this will be the make-up and the fact that there are so many special effects. There were so many things at the same time, that my biggest concern was like "Can I still focus and create this character?" and I just proved to myself that human beings can basically exist in any kind of sick situation. They can get used to it! It's... amazing! In a few weeks I was able to get to a place where I was just the Grinch. It was a part of my skin. Besides freaking out because of fleas (laughs), I was pretty alright.
First, when I saw all the special effects come together in this movie, I was a kid again and I was like "I wanna go there, I wanna live in Whoville!" because, just the skies are just so interesting. I guess that Christmas all year around may be a little tough and make a Grinch out of everyone, but it's a pretty cool place, as far as I'm concerned.

TMF: What would the Grinch think of you as an actor, as Jim Carrey?
Jim: The Grinch would probably identify pretty close to me, he's an outsider and he recognizes one when he sees one. He would say "We're down, we're down! Jim is one of us!".
I love this character because it's what we all are like two months before Christmas. We all sit there like "Oh God, not again!", and then when it comes closer, I don't know about you but, I start hearing people singing carols and stuff and it always gets me. Sometimes you reject it but it gets you anyway.

-- With a Grinchy Spank You to Steven for taking the time to transcribe the interview. Interview © The Music Factory. Click to comment this article.

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