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New "Grinch" pics
15 Aug 2000    

by S.A._JCFan

New "Grinch" pics have surfaced! Dark Horizons provides a link to UIP - Netherlands, which originally featured the high-quality stills. One of the pics is also featured in a "Grinch" press kit at eBay, only it was in black and white. Garth Franklin, editor and writer of Dark Horizons, points out that one of the stills contains the Grinch in "full frontal nudity."

A grinchy call  A workout is in due

Recently, Garth also got a sneak peak of a five minute footage of "The Grinch". Note: His review contains spoilers!

"After seeing the teaser trailer I shuddered. Sure the visuals and production design looked great, but one immediately thinks uh oh - this is a kids only movie, there's only going to be stuff in it you have to be under eight to enjoy. Thank god I was wrong, the clip I saw has turned my trepidation into high anticipation.

The first part has 'Mary Lou' and the Grinch talking in a cave, she's all smily and cheery and Carrey goes way too over the top. It's a bit of a worry as Carrey is cracking oneliners which fit in with that 'only for kids' elements I was concerned about. Then he does what we'd all love to do to those cute but annoying young kids on movie screens - he dumps her down a storm drain. Then the clip is pretty much pure Carrey doing irreverent humour and man it is great. This grinch is one sarcastically evil bastard and you're going to love him.

Despite being under huge amounts of makeup, the facial expressions are friggin priceless. There's also all sorts of offbeat humour in terms of visual gags (eg. Carrey steals a pair of liederhossen from a hornblower and starts strutting around like a CK model) combined with the occasional verbal gag (eg. his schedule for the day: 4 o'clock wrestle with my self loathing, 4:30 stare deeply into the abyss, 5 o'clock solve world hunger - tell no-one..."). Throughout it he uses a rather different voice than normal, very much like the one he uses to utter the "lovely party...pity I wasn't invited" line in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". If "The Grinch" is predominantly going to be these Carrey gags then this'll be one of the highlights of both Thanksgiving and Carrey's career - whether this five minutes is like the rest of the film though remains to be seen."

-- Images © Universal Pictures. Click to comment this article.

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