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Interview with Sean Anders on "Dumb & Dumber 2"
07 Jun 2012    

By Lucas Allen (Web correspondent)

At a press junket for the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy "That's My Boy", director Sean Anders talked exclusively with Collider.com about writing with John Morris the script for "Dumb & Dumber 2". Jim Carrey is currently in talks with the Farrelly Brothers to reunite with them for the first time since 2000ís "Me, Myself & Irene".

In the interview, Collider asked Anders about the current status of the project. He responds, "For me, it's all the way along. That was the first thing that John [Morris] and I wrote when we were just wrapping up post on "That's My Boy". We had met with Jim Carrey right before we flew to Boston to shoot this movie. We had a meeting, and then went right to the airport. And then, the whole summer, the Farrelly's producer was calling me and saying, 'Hey, have you had a chance to work on the script?' and I was like, 'Dude, no! We're crazy busy!' So, we hadn't done anything."

Dumb and Dumber 2

"And then, when things were finally starting to slow down a little bit, in the post-production process, we went off and wrote "Dumb & Dumber 2", and had a blast writing it. We turned it in and everybody was really happy and excited, and then Pete and Bobby took the script and went off and did their thing with it. Now, what I'm hearing from those guys is that they're about to sit down with Jim Carrey and work through it with him. The hope is that it goes into production this fall. That was another pinch yourself thing. "Dumb and Dumber" is one of my all-time favorite movies. We're huge Farrelly Brothers fans, and it was great to get to know those guys and work with those guys."

Anders also said what he was thinking when he and Morris were working on the script, "J**** C*****, this is "Dumb and Dumber 2". I don't want to screw this up!" Let's hope so, because production for the sequel is slated to begin this fall for a 2013 release. It's sure to be the most highly anticipated comedy sequel of the year.

-- Source: Collider.com. Click to comment this article.

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