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Jim Carrey as Leap Day Williams in 30 Rock
24 Feb 2012    

By Lucas Allen (Web correspondent)

Last Thursday night, NBC aired a brand new episode of their popular series '30 Rock' featuring Jim Carrey as one of their guest stars.

From the episode's official description:
"The ‘TGS’ Gang celebrates Leap Day. Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) learns that Leap Day is more than just extra day to do business while Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) spends her first intercalary holiday helping Jenna (Jane Krakowski) seduce an Internet billionaire. Tracy (Tracy Morgan) rallies the writers to help him use a nearly expired Benihana gift card worth so much that it will take a Leap Day miracle to spend."

30 Rock
Jim Carrey as Dave Williams. Photo by: Ali Goldstein/NBC

Carrey was in portions of the episode starring in a fictional Leap Day movie airing on the USA network as a marathon much like A Christmas Story on TBS. He plays a character that learns the true meaning of Leap Day by becoming Leap Day Williams. Andie MacDowell also stars in the fictional movie as sort-of a nod to her role in the 1993 comedy "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray.

Most Carrey fans that aren't fans of the show but willing to watch for the actor alone may be pretty disappointed by the lack of Carrey. However, it's not as bad as his ten-second cameo at the end of an hour-long episode of The Office. Still, the segments alone make the whole episode worthwhile. Carrey is as hilariously gifted as always that let's hope he does more guest appearances in other popular comedy shows in the near future.

To see the whole episode, use the player on the official website. Click here.

-- Source: NBC.com. Click to comment this article.

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