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Jim Carrey's visit to Madagascar
06 Nov 2011    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

Periodically we like to revisit old articles at JCO and when we looked at past ones we were particularly excited about the Better U Foundation news. One of the most exciting things we learned about was the SRI technique of rice farming, which Jims organisation is implementing and promoting in three areas of extreme poverty and deprivation abroad.

Currently the charity is focusing on Haiti, Mali in Africa and Madagascar and in 2008 Jim attended a symposium in the country to promote this method of farming.

Jim Carrey
Better U Foundation

Presenting the information, the symposium learned that this recent development in rice farming can have huge beneficial effects on the community. Using 50% less water, 90% less seed and no pesticides, yields can increase by over 300%. A senior spokesman for the organisation John Jolliffe, explained how the better U foundation acts to unify farmers and communities and collaborates with partners to help improve the infrastructure which in turn improves health and educates throughout the area from the school to the government.

Throughout his trips to these areas Jim Carrey made several informative and enlightening short films which can be found on the Better U Foundation website.

You can check out photos here and watch the Madagascar film here-

Jim Carrey
Better U Foundation

-- Source: Better U Foundation. Click to comment this article.

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