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"The Joker is Wild" book review
24 Nov 1999    

By BCDavis ()

"The Joker is Wild: The Trials and Triumphs of Jim Carrey"
by Martin Knelman

The Joker is WildMartin Knelman takes the reader of "The Joker is Wild" through a moving journey of Jim Carrey's ealy years to his current stardom. The book opens with a more personal point of view of Jim Carrey at last year's Oscar celebration, if Jim's father would have been with him.

The book moves along beginning with Jim's early years, giving some eye opening background information about people associated with Jim, as well as about Jim himself. (As an example, the author states that Jim suffered from dyslexia as a boy, and he compensated for it by developing an incredible memory.) We get to have a look at Jim's formative years during his comedy club stints, and find out a bit more in detail just what it was like working as a standup comedian.

Later, we are tossed into Jim's early TV, followed by forgotten films of an early film career. The early films are given some interesting detail, and definitely a more entertaining part of the book. "In Living Color" steps onto stage after that, and then a discourse of Carrey's recent film work.

All in all, the book sheds new light on the life of Jim Carrey. Fans should especially appreciate the new insights given into Jim's legendary past. This book is masterfully written in a entertaining yet emotionally thoughtful manner, and is a must for any Carreyholic and a should-read for everybody else.

Editor's Note: You can find the book online at Chapters.ca.

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