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Jim Carrey's gone #BOING!!
03 May 2010    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

If you've been on Twitter recently you can't fail to have noticed Jim Carrey's preoccupation with the word #BOING. In fact, such is the global interest, the internet has been alight with the voices of critics and bloggers alike. Some have even gone so far as to suggest Jim's been having a breakdown, others have engaged wholeheartedly with the fun. But what exactly is #BOING? Jim puts it like this...

This is what #BOING looks like ~8^}=; He's the little squeek in your chest when you get excited about something or someone. Then u #BOING

#BOING makes a meal out of life and sets the table for you and your friends!
#BOING takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'! =B^)-
#BOING looks forward to the next face it meets! 8^]
#BOING is jumping six feet to catch her master's frisbee! }: #BOING is dancing on broadway! %^V
#BOING is showing at the louvre! ;^{}
#BOING has happened to every great artist and innovator since the beginning of time. ;^{

Far from being a simple example of Onomatopoeia, #BOING has become a phenomena in it's own right. Using the planet as his vehicle, Jim has reached out to the world via Twitter and the world responded enough to make #BOING Trend on Twitter..

Congratulations! We're bouncing' that big blue ball! Our world wide #BOING is now trending I'll!!! %^p Shall we bounce it 2 the top?! #BOING

and recognising that The Library of Congress is now collating and archiving Tweets...

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey

Got love?! The Library Of Congress is bouncin' it into the future! Come on humanity! Do it now and your #BOING will never die! %^D

So #BOING continues to grow and spread it's abstract message across the globe but if you're looking for a definition you're out of luck, as Jim says....

RRRefuse 2 define BOING! 1 day when you've given up your need 2 explain it and file it neatly away, 'BOING'... you will understand! }=^P
...And in the end, the #BOING you take is equal to the #BOOOOING you make! {8^I ]^- }^J {^P

Take from it what you may but the #BOING revolution is showing no signs of slowing down... so here's coming at you with a great big #BOING folks!

Jim Carrey

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