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Jim's a Tweeter
06 Dec 2009    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

If you've been over to his official site JimCarrey.com, you might have noticed the little bird with Jim Carrey's head and wondered what that's all about. Well, for the uninformed Jim's now a confirmed 'Tweeter' on Twitter and responsible for such enigmatic tweets as-

QuoteForeign policy can be sleepery. So kids... always turn your wheel in the direction of the skid. :)}}
~ Posted Dec 3rd by Jim Carrey

~ Posted Dec 1st by Jim Carrey

'next week' is 'so last month'. infact by the time it travels through the optic nerve to the brain even NOW is 'so 2 microseconds ago!' :)}}
~ Posted Nov 23rd by Jim Carrey

He's also one of the few celebrities who actually respond to selected tweets, as some of our JCO members have been lucky enough to find out.

If you do decide to send Jim Carrey a polite tweet you might be fortunate enough to receive a reply, few A list celebs take the time. So full credit to Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy for engaging with their fans and all the amusing and interesting tweets still to come.

Jim Carrey
© Jim Carrey

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