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Bacon, Anyone?
14 Oct 1999    

by BCDavis

Vanity Fair coverThe latest issue of Vanity Fair features a beautiful, surreal photo study-spread of Jim Carrey by master photographer Annie Leibovitz. A caption at the top of one of the photos tells that Carrey is a fan of the painter Francis Bacon, and that the photographs were inspired by the painter's work.

Francis Bacon was an English, Expressionist painter born in 1909 in Ireland. Moving to London in 1925, Bacon was self-taught in painting. He came into his own personal style during the 1950s. Some of the best examples of his sometimes disturbing work are the Papal Series and his figural studies such as "Seated Figure," "Study for Crouching Nude" and "Three Studies for Figures at the base of a Crucifixion."

If Carreyholics look carefully, they can see in Francis Bacon's paintings where Jim Carrey derives some inspiration for his own physicality: from distorted human forms to faces screaming in angst.

JCO has provided some links below to allow Carreyholics to view more information about Francis Bacon, as well as some wonderful examples of his work:

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