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"Yes Man" World Premiere in London
10 Dec 2008    

By Priya B (Web correspondent)

The World Premiere of "Yes Man" was held at Vue Cinema, Leicester Square, London in England yesterday. Jim Carrey arrived in an open-top double decker YES bus along with his co-star Zooey Deschanel, director Peyton Reed and writer Danny Wallace.

Jim had a tête à tête with many reporters without answering every question with a "Yes". To a reporter from the British Empire he gave the reason to choose London for the World Premiere as “It’s a good place to be, it has good energy.” Similarly, about picking the movie because “It was a good feeling film, a good feeling story and I thought it was really a funny concept. It is really about embracing life.” The answer he gave to an interesting question about the craziest thing he had ever said yes to, was: “I’ve been married twice!”

Yes Man

To the reporter Deschanel talked about her experience working with Jim. She said she was mostly controlling her laughter while shooting with him. About Jim she said: “Jim is a great actor, so it is easy for me to work with him. We laughed, but it was always in the reality of the moment.” She also said that "Jim is a great kisser! ... The first time I had to kiss him was on the second day of shooting. I grew up watching Jim Carrey, so I was like, ‘I can’t do this - he’s Jim Carrey!’”

Director Peyton Reed praised Jim's dedication to his work and asserted that “Jim really sticks to the script. He is very particular about the script and we will do a whole bunch of takes where he gets the script exactly. And then, ‘cos he’s Jim, you let him go off and do his own thing, because quite often he will do something you never thought possible, and he makes it even funnier. His mind is sort of tireless. He has this really fertile mind, its always going. I think what’s good about Jim is that he keeps it fresh.”

Writer Danny Wallace spoke about his book and his experience with Jim in the bus to Leicester Square in such surreal circumstances and said “Suddenly I’m in Leicester Square with Jim Carrey. I keep thinking what would have happened if I had called the book something else?” Talking about Jim to play him in a movie as a strange experience, he said "I grew up with Jim Carrey, in "The Truman Show" and "In Living Color". So to go on set and see him on the little screen and for him to step out of the frame and to be standing beside you, you’re having to try and play it cool. Then suddenly a part of you says ‘It’s Jim Carrey!’ - he must think that everyone has a weird face, cos you do that kind of ‘woah’ thing.”

Yes Man

Jim was looking stunning in black shirt, pants and leather gloves with a black Psycho Bunny scarf! His hair is short again & was goofing around the red carpet. He also signed autograph for his fans.

Pictures from the World Premiere can be seen in the Gallery and a video from Empire can be seen here:

-- Source: Empire Online. Click to comment this article.

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