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Jim Carrey on The View
26 Feb 2007    

By Omnipresence (Web correspondent)

It was on Thursday of last week when Jim Carrey made his latest television appearance to promote "The Number 23". For the first time in his career he appeared on ABC'S "The View".

Bearing a gift of flowers Jim walked onto the program smiling. Obviously happy about life Jim told the interviewers why he chose to act out a part so different to what he is famous for. In addition to this he told of how he was very grateful that he could carry out such diverse roles.

The Number 23

The discussion then turned to Jim's real life obsession with 23. Interestingly he then goes on to talk about the meditation temple he has in his garden.
During the second half Jim compliments his co-star Virginia Madsen, and, as is so often the case the talk then drifts towards the topic of Jenny McCarthy. Predictably Jim rejects roomers of marriage and children. The infamous ten million dollar cheque is then discussed.
Afterwards the interview concludes with the audience giving Jim a deserving round of applause.

Click on the links to watch the interview:
YouTube Clip Part 1: Jim Carrey on The View
YouTube Clip Part 2: Jim Carrey on The View

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