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SRI rice production-the Better U Foundation..

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SRI rice production-the Better U Foundation..

Postby fluffy » Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:30 pm

Ok so i went Lemur feeding at the weekend......seriously, we were inside a large enclosure with bowls of fruit and we got to feed and cuddle a whole family of stripey tailed lemurs.......it was wonderful but tonight i watched a documentary about their plight and i got to thinking.........Lemurs are from Madagascar and their habitat is being destroyed by rice farming, more land is being razed to plant the rice crop......But if SRI was adopted throughout the whole area then yield could increase without such devastation and the loss of whole species........
the Durrell Foundation are working in the area on species conservation but if they were to work in tandem with Better U then not only will the humans benefit from increased food production but the wildlife will benefit from preserved habitat........
just a thought............
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