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Why do suppose Jim has not been at Scheduled events?

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Why do suppose Jim has not been at Scheduled events?

Postby Pressamarita » Mon Jun 24, 2002 6:58 pm

This is the second time he' s absent. Why did he miss Tom Hanks? and Nick Cage? It makes me wonder if he's <br>not angry about something or most of all, until I see Bruce Almighty, I keep thinking he's not well or something.<br> Or maybe he needed to breathe? or is he In-Love. that's a reason. But I have never in six months paniced about someone so much and I like assurance that <br>my fears are just that.I don't have any because he has not appeared. I can't help it. I am not usually like this.<br>where is he today, for instance? is on the golf course? that's a reason. or the yacht? that's one too. but just let me know darn it, I don't like the see-saw feeling.<br>love lisa <p></p><i></i>
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