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Who is Colonel Stars?

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Who is Colonel Stars?

Postby TNPihl » Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:56 pm

By Lucas Allen
(Web correspondent)

Many of you (including myself) may not have seen the 2010 surprise hit "Kick-Ass", but are now interested in seeing it once Jim Carrey became involved in the sequel. As previously reported, Carrey was confirmed to star in the upcoming summer 2013 sequel "Kick-Ass 2" by the film’s director Jeff Wadlow via his Twitter page and today by Jim Carrey himself. Carrey will play the role of Colonel Stars alongside returning film stars Aaron Johnson, Chloe-Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Nicolas Cage.

If you never read the original comics the films are based on, you might ask yourself, "Who is Colonel Stars?" Here’s some information gathered from various Wiki sites. Colonel Stars first appeared in Issue #1 subtitled 'Taste the Awesome', but then made his final appearance in the second issue subtitled 'Warning: This Book Contains Greatness'.


"SPOILER ALERT" - The following description was taken from a Kick-Ass Wiki site:

"Colonel Stars used to work for John Genovese alongside the man who would become Lieutenant Stripes. Both men became born-again Christians before leaving Genovese's employment. Because of this, both survived when Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl took the organization down.

Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes both formed Justice Forever, inviting other superheroes to join. They soon recruited Remembering Tommy, Night Bitch, Insect Man, Battle Guy and later Kick-Ass. Their first mission involved taking down a human trafficking organization.

Colonel Stars shows contradictory elements in appearing to be a hardened tough guy when in reality sometimes appearing to be quite soft. He seems to be a genuine nice person making a difference. He later admits that although he has no problems letting his dog, Sofia, eat a criminal's genitals, the guns he carries are empty and are there purely for intimidation purposes. Colonel Stars was later killed by a group of Supervillains led by Red Mist."


Hope the information helps!
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Re: Who is Colonel Stars?

Postby EvaAraujo » Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:42 am

The character seems very interesting.

Jim can play and angry person but be very sweet and emotional at the same time.
He will do great!
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Re: Who is Colonel Stars?

Postby chips and dip » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:21 am

I saw Kick-A** in theaters and I can honestly say it was the craziest film I've ever seen and I have seen a whole heck of a lot of films. It wasn't afraid to do anything. While viewing I found myself wondering why I was watching such a bizarre movie. By the end you realize how much fun you had and how fun of a watch it really was. In short it was a crazy, bad-a** thrill ride. Oh by the way, it managed to perfectly fit in the comedy as well.

Really looking forward to seeing what JC can do with a crazy, bad-a** role in what is sure to be a crazy, bad-a** film.
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Re: Who is Colonel Stars?

Postby grinchy steve » Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:56 am

I thought "Kick-ass" was a good and fun interpretation of the source-material, although a bit childisch when you compare both. The comic-version is more violent and the comedic level is different, more ... um, naughty. I hope the second movie has more of that and will be a bit darker, just a bit. Nicolas Cage was doing great btw.

SPOILER! -> Cage will be back, flashbacks? <- SPOILER!

This will be the first movie where Jim and Nicholas share the screen since 'Peggy Sue'. But not together at the same time, I guess. I'm very curious about this role and I think it's a smart choice.

Kick-Ass was one of the best (early) summer-movies that year and could have used more attention. More and more people discovered it later (On Demand, DVD, BluRay) when everyone was talking about it in a positive way. So Jim is doing good taking the role (carreer-wise) and I'm sure he will help getting more people seeing the second one. Win-win!
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