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Postby georgeathens » Wed Oct 09, 2002 8:42 pm

1.the truman show<br>2.Ace Ventura-pet detective<br>3.liar-liar<br><br>4.Ace Ventura-when nature calls<br>5.dump and dumper<br>6.the mask<br><br>7.gable guy<br>8.find keepers<br>9.peggy shou got married<br><br>10.man on the moon<br><br>for more...Jim Carrey just send me e-mail <br>cue_the_sun@yahoo.gr <p></p><i></i>
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Postby beatdogzillop » Thu Oct 10, 2002 6:57 pm

My Top 10 Favorite Jim Movies<br><br>1. Dumb and Dumber- It is just a who cares if it offends people, barely has a real plot but that doesn't matter, and 100 percent comedy with 0 drama--its great!!<br><br>2. The Mask-One of Jims first movies that I saw. Jim Carrey at some of his funniest and a mega hot girl ( Cameron Diaz) <br><br>3. Liar Liar-You gotta love a movie that switches from comedy to drama and pulls it off. And then it swithes back to comedy. Its perfect. "THE CLAW, NO ONE CAN STOP THE CLAW!"<br><br>4. The Grinch- Come on, who doesn't have that soft spot for The Grinch? Jim retreating from a movie meant for teens or adults and doing a more kid related movie.<br><br>5. The Truman Show-My favorite drama from Jim. The movie had a brilliant script.<br><br>6. Ace Ventura:Pet Detective- A very oringinal movie. And it has some of the best one liners. <br><br>7. Ace Ventura:When Nature Calls- Though he had to do it cause it was in his contract, Jim put alot into the movie. It was a worthy sequal.<br><br>8.The Cable Guy-Chip was the coolest character that saw in any movie for a long time. Poor Chip, he is doomed to have a lisp.<br><br>9. Me, Myself & Irene- This was a different kind of comedy for Jim but it was still gut busting funny. <br><br>10. Man On The Man- a very good film for Jim to do. If I had only heard he was gonna do it but never saw it, I would have said that Jim shouldn't do it, but Jim pulls it off amazingly.<br><br>Well, thats my top 10 <p></p><i></i>
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