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Earth Girls Are Easy
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What's it about

Valerie Dale (Geena Davis) is mystified. A sweet young manicurist from California's San Fernando Valley, Valerie is engaged to marry Dr. Ted Gallagher, (Charles Rocket). But Ted suddenly seems preoccupied and distant -- and none too romantic.

Valerie decides to consult her best friend and boss, Candy Pink (Julie Brown), a propietor of the Curl Up & Dye beauty salon. Candy is a woman of the world who understands men and glamour and all the manner of mysterious things near and dear to the hearts of Valley Girls.

Candy's reaction is immediate: Ted's langor calls for drastic action. Valerie needs a total make over -- to become a Brand New Girl. Candy persuades val to forget her planned trip to the Nail Expo -- it's time to surprise Ted with a knockout new look!

What Candy and company don't know is that a brand new girl is just what Ted had in mind -- but he's singing his own version of the same song. Ted laments with his friends about the tempting females that dog his every step. Its clear that trouble is brewing for the innocent Valerie.

Later that evening, Val's transformation to glamour queen is complete; her stage is set with champagne and romantic music, and she's ready to spring out of the closet into Ted's arms as he walks into their house.

Earth Girls Are Easy

Unfortunately, he walks in with a voluptuous nurse, and Val lands in HER arms instead.

Val angrily throws Ted and his date out of the house and proceeds to demolish every reminder of Ted's presense in her life. Clothing, trophies, photos, records -- everything is trashed before Val washes away her temporary "glamour" and cries herself to sleep.

The next morning, Val lies by her swimming pool morosely, thinking about her about her broken engagement and wondering if life could get any worse. Her complications are only beginning.

High above the Earth, a spaceship from planet Jhazzala hovers. The ship's captain (Jeff Goldblum) sleeps while the other two crew members (Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans) tinker with a holographic video of Jhazzalan go-go dancers that won't play properly. It's clear they haven't seen women -- from any planet -- in a long time.

Suddenly their navigation receptors catch sight of Valerie in her backyard. The aliens go wild and begin to fight over access to the screen. During their skirmish the ship goes out of control, the captain wakes up, and the three space creatures futilely try to avert a crash-landing in Valerie's swimming pool.

Val is, of course, astonished, and then terrified. But the aliens are no less terrified. They are covered with fur, which amazes her; she is hairless, which amazes them. During their shakey introductions, Val accidently floods the spaceship, making it impossible for the aliens to leave.

Once her fear of the aliens abates, Val feels terrible about flooding their ship, and she invites them inside while she calls to have the pool drained. Woody (Michael McKeane), Vals spaced-out pool man, accepts a flimsy explanation about the spaceship being a pool float, and drains the pool.

Earth Girls Are Easy

At the same time, the aliens have a real adventure experiencing the contents of Val's house, which is already in a state of wild disarray.

Valerie's biggest problem is concealing the aliens until their ship dries out. Their coloful furriness makes that nearly impossible, but Val has an idea: she smuggles the trio into the Curl Up & Dye and convinces Candy to defoliate them. The results are astonishing -- three hunky human guys emerge!

The ever-enegetic Candy decides that she and Valerie should take these guys on a date -- after all, it's Saturday night. Zeebo, Wiploc, and Mac eagerly assent, and off they go on a musical tour of Valley life, seen through the eyes of three aliens from Jhazzala.

Needless to say, cultural hitches abound, but Zeebo and Wiploc do get to meet American girls and Mac and Valerie unwittingly fall in love. The two share a romantic night where Mac introduces Val to the JHazzalan "love touch," to ensure that she and Ted will re-unite and marry.

But the love touch doesn't work. Val breaks away from Ted and calls to the departing ship. Mac is the Mr. Right she's been looking for and wants to go to Jhazzala with him. As a astonished Ted, Woody the pool man, Candy, and nosy nieghbor Mrs. Merkin (June Ellis) looks on, Valerie climbs aboard and sails off to a new life and love in the stars.

"Earth Girls Are Easy," a Vestron pictures release, stars Geena Davis, Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, and Jeff Goldblum. Directed by Julien Temple, the picture introduces Julie Brown and co-stars Michael McKeane, Charles Rocket, Larry Linville, Rick Overton, and Angelyne. Tony Garnett is the producer. Screenplay by Julie Broown, Charlie Coffey and Terrence McNally. Musical score by Nile Rodgers.

With thanks to Cotton


Production Companies De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
Earth Girls
Kestrel Films
Distributor Vestron Pictures Ltd.
Director Julien Temple
Writers Julie Brown
Charlie Coffey
Terrence E. McNally
Producer Tony Garnett
Associate Producer Terrence E. McNally
Composer Nile Rodgers
Cinematographer Oliver Stapleton
Editor Richard Halsey
Cast List Geena Davis
Jeff Goldblum
Jim Carrey
Damon Wayans
Julie Brown
Michael McKean
Charles Rocket
Larry Linville
Rick Overton
Diane Stilwell
June C. Ellis
Felix Montano
Rick Hurst
Leslie Morris
Lisa Fuller
Stacey Travis
Nicole Kramer
Wayne 'Crescendo' Ward
Tita Omeze
T.C. Diamond
Victor Garron
Steve Lundquist
Jory Husain
Jake Jundef
Susan Krebs
Lucy Lee Flippin
Gail Neely
Rob Large
Terrence E. McNally
April Giuffria
Cristy Dawson
Carol Infield Sender
Helen Infield Siff
Nedra Volz
Crystal Lujan
Ismael Aranjo Jr.
Kimberly Bond
Lisa Boyle
Myria Moore
Karen Owens
Sharon Owens
Larri Thomas
.....   Valerie
.....   Mac
.....   Wiploc
.....   Zeebo
.....   Candy
.....   Woody
.....   Ted
.....   Dr. Bob
.....   Dr. Rick
.....   Robin
.....   Mrs. Merkin
.....   Ramon
.....   Joe the Cop
.....   Mike the Cop
.....   Kikki
.....   Tammy
.....   Missy
.....   Demone
.....   Tanya
.....   Deca Dance Dancer
.....   Deca Dance Valet
.....   Body Factory Attendant
.....   Gas Girl
.....   Mini Mart Cashier
.....   Bryan
.....   Bryan's Mother
.....   Receptionist
.....   Head Nurse
.....   Boy in Body Cast
.....   Soap Opera Doctor
.....   Soap Opera Nurse
.....   Soap Opera Wife
.....   Amy
.....   Mamie
.....   Lana
.....   Mrs. Gurtzweiller
.....   Butch Girl
.....   Gardener
.....   Curl Up and Dye Dancer
.....   Curl Up and Dye Dancer
.....   Curl Up and Dye Dancer
.....   Curl Up and Dye Dancer
.....   Curl Up and Dye Dancer
.....   Curl Up and Dye Dancer

Movie Quotes

Wiploc: You have liplock for Wiploc?

Wiploc: You're tearing me apart!


An out-of-this-world, down-to-earth comedy adventure.

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