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10/13 New Cast Member For "I'm Dying Up Here"
In a previous article we mention that Showtime ordered a series called "I'm Dying Up Here" with Jim Carrey as the executive producer. The show centers on LA's celebrated and infamous stand-up comedy scene of the 1970's. The pilot will delve into the inspired and damaged psyches that inhabit the h... Read article

10/10 The Funeral of a Flower
Flowers are some of the most beautiful and delicate creations of Nature. They bring joy, love and light up any place you can find them. Tonight, more than seeing another star in the sky, you will feel the present of an Irish flower who's with us in spirit. Cathriona White was buried today afte... Read article

10/04 "The Bad Batch" First Cut
It has been a while since the movie "The Bad Batch" ended production and as you know, it take time to edit a movie. Ana Lily Amirpour, the director of the movie has recently posted a Tweet where she mentions showing a cut of the movie to her friends. Check it out here: Showing friends a cut... Read article

09/29 A New Star In The Sky - Cathriona White
It's always hard to see someone gone. Even harder to lose that person knowing there was nothing we could do. Cathriona White was a talented person, a young girl with dreams and wishes, strugles and moments of bliss. She was someone that most people, and we at JCO, knew as Jim Carrey's girlfriend ... Read article

09/27 Jim Carrey At an Art Exhibition in Milk LA
Jim has many talents and that makes him, a God damn good artist. It's no surprise that some of the best artists are the first one to get atracted to others talent. Last Thursday night Jim Carrey was at the Milk Studios LA for the art exhibition of BlakHat - a mysterious multimedia artist and self... Read article

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09/19/2015  Comedians In Car Getting Coffee - New Clips
09/15/2015  Memorable Moment: In My Life (1998)
09/06/2015  RJ Cyler in Jim Carrey Showtime Pilot
09/03/2015  Jim Carrey In Canada
08/27/2015  Jim Carrey Almost Quitted The Grinch
08/23/2015  Jim Carrey Back At The Comedy Store
08/21/2015  Jim Carrey and Hugh Jackman Impersonate Each Other
08/11/2015  Jim Carrey Pilot On Showtime
08/11/2015  Jim Carrey Tweets Pope Francis Quote
08/09/2015  Jim Carrey Reaches 15 Million Twitter Followers
08/02/2015  Vaccine Law Co-Author Responds To Jim Carrey
07/31/2015  Jim Carrey As "Jack Sparrow"
07/26/2015  Jim Carrey Online 19th Aniversary
07/17/2015  Jim Carrey Safety and Civil Liberties Statement
07/13/2015  "The Bad Batch" Expectations
07/11/2015  Teen Choice Awards 2015 Nominees Include Jim Carrey
07/06/2015  Jim Carrey Statement About Vaccines
07/02/2015  Jim Carrey About Recent Vaccine Law
06/30/2015  Jim Carrey Recommends Movie
06/29/2015  Better U Logo Contest Winner
06/26/2015  First Look Of Jim Carrey In "The Bad Batch"!
06/18/2015  Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee - Jim Carrey Interview
06/15/2015  Jerry Seinfeld's Next Guest is Jim Carrey
06/12/2015  Documentary "Rubble Kings" Hit Theaters
06/05/2015  A Day With Jim Carrey
06/02/2015  Memorable Moment: Access Hollywood (1997)
05/26/2015  Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee - Trailer
05/25/2015  "The Bad Batch" is Done Filming
05/23/2015  The Bad Batch - More Set Pictures
05/21/2015  Jim Carrey At The Last Show Of David Letterman
05/20/2015  Jim Carrey Guest At David Letterman's Final Show
05/19/2015  Jim Carrey Online on Snapchat
05/18/2015  Jim Carrey Art Inspires
05/17/2015  The Bad Batch Set Pictures
05/14/2015  "True Crimes" A New Jim Carrey Project
05/13/2015  The New Logo of Better U Foundation
05/01/2015  The Bad Batch Extras Casting Call
04/28/2015  New photos - Jim Carrey about to start filming "The Bad Batch"
04/25/2015  Jim Carrey Considered To Replace Philip Seymour Hoffman
04/23/2015  The Bad Batch Open Casting Call
04/21/2015  Jim Carrey Visits The Homeboy Industries Again
04/19/2015  LACMA's 50th anniversary gala with Jim Carrey
04/16/2015  Jim Carrey guest in "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee"
04/15/2015  Jim Carrey Tweeted New Photo
04/12/2015  "Dumb and Dumber To" grossed $181 million!
04/05/2015  The Faces of Jim Carrey
04/01/2015  Duet with Steven Tyler on New Country Album
03/24/2015  Filming of "The Bad Batch" begins on April 8
03/21/2015  "The Bad Batch" Talented Director
03/20/2015  Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves Join "The Bad Batch"

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