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09/19 "The Bad Batch" Available on DVD, Blu-ray and Netflix
The wait is over! For the fans of the movie "The Bad Batch" you don't need to continue to hope to watch it… you can do it anytime you want and as many times you feel like it. Today the movie is available on DVD, Blu-ray and online on Netflix! Ana Lily Amirpour's vision is "a love story set in ... Read article

09/18 More Jim Carrey TIFF Photo shoots
Not everyone likes their picture taken. Not everyone likes the result although they may love the camera. Thank God for us Jim Carrey is one of those that look amazing in photos and the camera loves him too. We haven't seen many official photo shoots of Jim in a few years but in the last week, that h... Read article

09/17 Jim Carrey wants to work with Marvel
Yes, you read it well. First we knew it we were as surpised and excited as you are now. It is not confirmed yet that he'll work for this company but it was mentioned in many of his interviews at TIFF. Mr. Unique consciousness has done a few films based on comic books, for instance "The Mask", "Ba... Read article

09/15 Jim Carrey Photo Shoot at TIFF
As we all know lots of things happen at a film premiere. Interviews, red carpet photo shoots, press conference and finally the movie is shown. We are so happy and grateful that this time at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) another photoshoot happened with the main 'giant field of consci... Read article

09/14 Jim Carrey Back in Television to star in comedy series
When we think the news can’t get any better… we get a surprise! Showtime will have a new half-hour comedy series and Jim Carrey will be staring in it. Michael Gondry, who was the director for “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”, will join Jim again as the director for the series. The titl... Read article

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09/13/2017  Jim Carrey's "Awkward" Truth
09/13/2017  Jim & Andy - Hollywood Reporter Interview
09/12/2017  Netflix Acquires "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond" Documentary
09/11/2017  Red Carpet and North American Premiere of "Jim & Andy"
09/10/2017  Michael Moore on Broadway 'The Terms of My Surrender'
09/10/2017  Jim Carrey - Backstage Video Talk With Michael Moore
09/09/2017  Jim Carrey Attends Harper's BAZAAR Party
09/09/2017  "I'm Dying Up Here" Renewed for Season 2
09/09/2017  Jim Carrey At Carol Burnett 50th anniversary Special
09/08/2017  Jim Carrey's Upcoming Projects
09/07/2017  Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond Reviews
09/07/2017  Jim Carrey on Broadway tonight
09/06/2017  Jim Carrey live at FRED Radio Call today in Venice
09/06/2017  Jim Carrey shows his view of Venice
09/06/2017  Red Carpet and World Premiere of "Jim & Andy"
09/05/2017  Photos from Venice photocall
09/05/2017  Jim & Andy - Chris Smith Interview
09/04/2017  Jim Carrey Arrival At Venice Film Festival
08/31/2017  Jim Carrey Is New Maui Resident
08/26/2017  Jim Carrey Singing In Hawaii
08/25/2017  Jim Carrey: "He Is Part Of My Makeup"
08/22/2017  North American Showtimes for "Jim & Andy" Documentary
08/20/2017  Jim Carrey Pay Tribute To Jerry Lewis
08/20/2017  Jim Carrey "Sunshine" Art Exhibition Update
08/19/2017  New Jim Carrey Art - This One Is Broken
08/18/2017  Jim Carrey Reaches 16 Million Followers On Twitter
08/16/2017  Jim & Andy - World Premiere Date
08/15/2017  Jim Carrey Artwork On Display
08/14/2017  I'm Dying up Here - Season 2 Depending On New Ideas
08/13/2017  I'm Dying Up Here - Season Finale
08/11/2017  Jim Carrey Online Reaches 100,000 Facebook Likes
08/09/2017  LeBron James Wants To Hang Out With Jim Carrey
08/08/2017  Jim Carrey Art Paintings
08/06/2017  Jim Carrey: I Need Color
08/05/2017  World Premiere Jim Carrey Sunshower Art Exibition
08/03/2017  Jim Carrey Recent Sightings
08/01/2017  New Jim Carrey - Andy Kaufman Documentary
07/29/2017  Jim Carrey Presented With The Generation Award
07/28/2017  "I'm Dying Up Here" Panel At Just For Laughs Festival
07/24/2017  The Bad Batch DVD & Blu-ray Release
07/17/2017  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute To Martin Landau
07/11/2017  Jim Carrey Honored At Just For Laughs Awards Show
07/02/2017  I'm Dying Up Here - Full Episodes On YouTube
06/28/2017  The Bad Batch at #4 on iTunes Movies Chart
06/27/2017  True Crimes To Be Released In 2018
06/26/2017  Box office for The Bad Batch
06/25/2017  The Bad Batch Music Video
06/23/2017  List of theaters for The Bad Batch
06/23/2017  The Bad Batch Is Now Playing In Theaters
06/18/2017  Official Website and New The Bad Batch Clip

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