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09/21 Jim Carrey Statement About Lawsuit
If you have been here at this fan website for a while, you know we don't make articles regarding any kind of sensationalized news and we will continue to do so. The reason why is very simple: we fans don't care about those sort of news, even if, most of the media "think" we do. In the light of... Read article

09/19 Jim Carrey At The Showtime Emmy Eve Party
Last Saturday, Showtime made their annual Emmy Eve Party, in which many actors attended, including Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey posed for pictures with some of the cast member of "I'm Dying Up Here" the TV Series, he's one of the executive producers of. The series about the comedy club scene of the 197... Read article

09/16 The Bad Batch gets 2017 release date
Last week Netflix bought the video rights for the Ana Lily Amirpour movie "The Bad Batch". Now, and after the movie won a Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival, Screen Media Films, bought the U.S. rights to distribute the movie. Their plan is to release it in the first quarter of next year.... Read article

09/10 The Bad Batch Winner of Special Jury Prize!
The 73rd Venice Film Festival comes to a close this evening with their annual awards ceremony. The festival ran from August 31st through September 10th. It has been a very interesting week for us to follow, because Jim Carrey's new movie "The Bad Batch" had world premiere during the film festival an... Read article

09/10 The Bad Batch At The Beyond Festival
This has been an amazing week, filled with news regarding "The Bad Batch". After the Venice Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival, now the movie will be shown at the Beyond Festival in October 7, Los Angeles. We're excited to know that one more festival has decided to show the movie and we're h... Read article

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09/09/2016  Netflix Buys Streaming Rights to "The Bad Batch"
09/07/2016  The Bad Batch Overall Reviews
09/07/2016  The Bad Batch - Jim Carrey Character Details
09/06/2016  First 2 "The Bad Batch" Clips
09/06/2016  Live Updates all day - World Premiere of The Bad Batch
09/04/2016  "True Crimes" At The Warsaw Film Festival
09/02/2016  "I'm Dying Up Here" Fills Out Cast with Sarah Hay and more
08/30/2016  Jim Carrey Pay Tribute To Gene Wilder
08/28/2016  Fantastic News - U.S. premiere for The Bad Batch
08/25/2016  North American Premiere for "The Bad Batch"
08/22/2016  Memorable Moment: GMTV Interview In London
08/14/2016  Jim Carrey Working on "I'm Dying Up Here"
08/11/2016  The Bad Batch at The Toronto International Film Festival
08/10/2016  Jim Carrey Sighting
08/08/2016  The Bad Batch Release Date
08/02/2016  I'm Dying Up Here - Two More Cast Members
07/30/2016  New "The Bad Batch" photo and Venice Film Festival Line Up
07/28/2016  Venice Film Festival Lineup Includes "The Bad Batch"!
07/24/2016  "The Bad Batch" Not Done Yet
07/17/2016  "The Bad Batch" Rating
07/14/2016  Jim Carrey Back On Twitter
07/13/2016  Now 900 Jim Carrey Arts in our Gallery
06/22/2016  Jim Carrey teams with Eli Roth for Aleister Arcane
06/15/2016  Jim Carrey As The Riddler's Father?
06/08/2016  "Finders Keepers" Blu-ray Release This November
05/21/2016  Jake Lacy Joins Jim Carrey-Produced "I'm Dying Up Here"
05/19/2016  Jim Carrey's "Finders Keepers" Gets Blu-ray Release
05/10/2016  Jim Carrey As The Riddler Again?
05/05/2016  Memorable Moment: Die Harald Schmidt Show (2000)
05/03/2016  "True Crimes" Music Score
05/02/2016  Jim Carrey At A David Lynch Foundation Benefit
04/26/2016  "The Bad Batch" Track Revealed
04/16/2016  Jim Carrey and Robert de Niro Want to Save Vaccines
04/12/2016  Cannes Film Festival Line Up Coming Soon
04/10/2016  Jim Carrey Online Facebook Page - 60,000 Likes
04/09/2016  Jim Carrey Celebrates Jerry Lewis Birthday
04/02/2016  Jim Carrey At Guns N' Roses Reunion Concert
04/01/2016  Jim Carrey Directs His First Movie
03/27/2016  Jim Carrey On Garry Shandling Passing
03/08/2016  Jim Carrey Back On Twitter
03/03/2016  15 Curious Things About Jim Carrey
02/20/2016  "I'm Dying Up Here" Interview
01/30/2016  "The Bad Batch" - End of Editing
01/17/2016  Happy 54th Birthday Jim Carrey!
01/13/2016  Showtime orders Jim Carrey-produced Comedy Series
01/11/2016  Jim Carrey At The Golden Globes
01/05/2016  Jim Carrey Presenter at Golden Globe Awards
12/31/2015  Wonderful 2015 - Happy New Year 2016!
12/24/2015  Merry Christmas from JCO
12/23/2015  Jim Carrey Poland Fan Sightings

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