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05/02 Jim Carrey At A David Lynch Foundation Benefit
Two things we already know about Jim Carrey: One, he's friend with David Lynch for quite some time and has attended many of his events. Two, he likes to help people. Last Saturday, April 30th, Jim joined many known guests, for the David Lynch Foundation Benefit for Veterans with PTSD in New Yor... Read article

04/26 "The Bad Batch" Track Revealed
The prodution of the upcoming Jim Carrey movie "The Bad Batch" has ended a few months ago and we are hoping that soon we'll get to see some footage. Until then, more details seem to appear, this time, about the soundtrack of the movie. A band from Portland called Federale has gradually evolved fr... Read article

04/16 Jim Carrey and Robert de Niro Want to Save Vaccines
Jim Carrey has always spoken openly on his belief that vaccines should be come safe, especially after some cases of autism that happen after some were taken. He's right in that. Nowadays we do need to think about our heath and in a society that takes more and more prescription drugs, it's importa... Read article

04/12 Cannes Film Festival Line Up Coming Soon
In the entertainment industry, movie festivals are an opportunity to generate audience and international interest. Of all the movie festivals, Cannes Film Festival is probably the most known of all. On April 14th, they will announce the official selection for this year and we have high hopes tha... Read article

04/10 Jim Carrey Online Facebook Page - 60,000 Likes
It makes it easy for us here at Jim Carrey Online, to follow Jim Carrey and to update you on all his news, when Jim is such an amazing human being. But no one does anything alone. Especially us. Jim Carrey Online Facebook page was created to let fans all over the world, know everything we are all... Read article

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04/09/2016  Jim Carrey Celebrates Jerry Lewis Birthday
04/02/2016  Jim Carrey At Guns N' Roses Reunion Concert
04/01/2016  Jim Carrey Directs His First Movie
03/27/2016  Jim Carrey On Garry Shandling Passing
03/08/2016  Jim Carrey Back On Twitter
03/03/2016  15 Curious Things About Jim Carrey
02/20/2016  "I'm Dying Up Here" Interview
01/30/2016  "The Bad Batch" - End of Editing
01/17/2016  Happy 54th Birthday Jim Carrey!
01/13/2016  Showtime orders Jim Carrey-produced Comedy Series
01/11/2016  Jim Carrey At The Golden Globes
01/05/2016  Jim Carrey Presenter at Golden Globe Awards
12/31/2015  Wonderful 2015 - Happy New Year 2016!
12/24/2015  Merry Christmas from JCO
12/23/2015  Jim Carrey Poland Fan Sightings
12/21/2015  "True Crimes" End Of Filming
12/17/2015  Ace Ventura Slot Machine Game
12/15/2015  Jim Carrey in the Wieliczka Salt Mine
12/13/2015  Jim Carrey in Krakow - More photos
12/10/2015  Memorable Moment: Coming Attractions (1983)
12/02/2015  Jim Carrey Movies In 2016
11/26/2015  First Look: 10 Jim Carrey Photos from True Crimes
11/24/2015  Jim Carrey shoots "True Crimes" in Poland
11/14/2015  Jim Carrey In Poland: First Photo
11/08/2015  New Jim Carrey Arts in our Gallery
10/23/2015  Jim Carrey movie "True Crimes" Starts Production
10/21/2015  Pre-production of the Showtime pilot "I'm Dying Up here"
10/19/2015  New Website for Better U Foundation
10/18/2015  More Cast Members for TV pilot "I'm Dying Up Here"
10/15/2015  How The Grinch Stole Christmas in Remastered Blu-Ray
10/13/2015  New Cast Member For "I'm Dying Up Here"
10/10/2015  The Funeral of a Flower
10/04/2015  "The Bad Batch" First Cut
09/29/2015  A New Star In The Sky - Cathriona White
09/27/2015  Jim Carrey At an Art Exhibition in Milk LA
09/19/2015  Comedians In Car Getting Coffee - New Clips
09/15/2015  Memorable Moment: In My Life (1998)
09/06/2015  RJ Cyler in Jim Carrey Showtime Pilot
09/03/2015  Jim Carrey In Canada
08/27/2015  Jim Carrey Almost Quitted The Grinch
08/23/2015  Jim Carrey Back At The Comedy Store
08/21/2015  Jim Carrey and Hugh Jackman Impersonate Each Other
08/11/2015  Jim Carrey Pilot On Showtime
08/11/2015  Jim Carrey Tweets Pope Francis Quote
08/09/2015  Jim Carrey Reaches 15 Million Twitter Followers
08/02/2015  Vaccine Law Co-Author Responds To Jim Carrey
07/31/2015  Jim Carrey As "Jack Sparrow"
07/26/2015  Jim Carrey Online 19th Aniversary
07/17/2015  Jim Carrey Safety and Civil Liberties Statement
07/13/2015  "The Bad Batch" Expectations

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