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07/29 Jim Carrey Online 19th Aniversary
On June 8th, 1996, this website was created to pay tribute to Jim Carrey and to inform his fans on what goes on with his career. Every summer that passes is one more year that we bring more news to you and we are very grateful for everyone that continues to support us by coming here and making of... Read article

07/17 Jim Carrey Safety and Civil Liberties Statement
As we previously reported in a recent article Jim Carrey always had a very strong opinion about the most recent Vaccine Law in California, one that he keeps sharing with the public and especially with those you insist of using hate to try and fail to impose their beliefs. Today, Jim took to Mediu... Read article

07/13 "The Bad Batch" Expectations
In the movie industry, even before a movie goes into principal photography, either one of two things will happen: Or there are high hopes for it, or people are trashing it before giving a fair chance. Luckily, Jim Carrey's next project "The Bad Batch" has had many high expectations. Colin Hinckle... Read article

07/11 Teen Choice Awards 2015 Nominees Include Jim Carrey
In some of the most important award ceremonies in show business, fans and general public doesn't get a voting… but then we have some award shows that wouldn't exist without our hability to vote. One of them is Teen Choice Awards! You don't have to be a teen but you do have to vote, check rules be... Read article

07/06 Jim Carrey Statement About Vaccines
In a previous article, we mention the controversy that Jim Carrey's opinion, about the recent Vaccine Law in California, generated among the media and public. As a fan website, we are used to read all kinds of things and not always in a good way. It's something we can't help, no matter how frustr... Read article

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07/02/2015  Jim Carrey About Recent Vaccine Law
06/30/2015  Jim Carrey Recommends Movie
06/29/2015  Better U Logo Contest Winner
06/26/2015  First Look Of Jim Carrey In "The Bad Batch"!
06/18/2015  Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee - Jim Carrey Interview
06/15/2015  Jerry Seinfeld's Next Guest is Jim Carrey
06/12/2015  Documentary "Rubble Kings" Hit Theaters
06/05/2015  A Day With Jim Carrey
06/02/2015  Memorable Moment: Access Hollywood (1997)
05/26/2015  Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee - Trailer
05/25/2015  "The Bad Batch" is Done Filming
05/23/2015  The Bad Batch - More Set Pictures
05/21/2015  Jim Carrey At The Last Show Of David Letterman
05/20/2015  Jim Carrey Guest At David Letterman's Final Show
05/19/2015  Jim Carrey Online on Snapchat
05/18/2015  Jim Carrey Art Inspires
05/17/2015  The Bad Batch Set Pictures
05/14/2015  "True Crimes" A New Jim Carrey Project
05/13/2015  The New Logo of Better U Foundation
05/01/2015  The Bad Batch Extras Casting Call
04/28/2015  New photos - Jim Carrey about to start filming "The Bad Batch"
04/25/2015  Jim Carrey Considered To Replace Philip Seymour Hoffman
04/23/2015  The Bad Batch Open Casting Call
04/21/2015  Jim Carrey Visits The Homeboy Industries Again
04/19/2015  LACMA's 50th anniversary gala with Jim Carrey
04/16/2015  Jim Carrey guest in "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee"
04/15/2015  Jim Carrey Tweeted New Photo
04/12/2015  "Dumb and Dumber To" grossed $181 million!
04/05/2015  The Faces of Jim Carrey
04/01/2015  Duet with Steven Tyler on New Country Album
03/24/2015  Filming of "The Bad Batch" begins on April 8
03/21/2015  "The Bad Batch" Talented Director
03/20/2015  Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves Join "The Bad Batch"
03/18/2015  Better U Foundation Logo Contest Update
03/16/2015  Memorable Moment: Saturday Night Live (1996)
03/05/2015  "Dumb and Dumber To" Fan Arts
02/27/2015  "Dumb and Dumber Three" is coming
02/26/2015  "Ricky Stanicky" Update
02/24/2015  Fake Jim Carrey Fools… Badly
02/21/2015  Jim Carrey's Unaired SNL Sketch - The Kids
02/19/2015  Ambiguously Gay Duo Live-Action Almost Happened
02/18/2015  Dumb and Dumber To Bloopers
02/16/2015  Jim Carrey Appeared on SNL40's Celebrity Jeopardy
02/15/2015  Fifty Shades Of Lloyd - New Dumb and Dumber To Posters
02/06/2015  Better U Foundation Website New Layout
02/02/2015  Jim Carrey is Coming to SNL 40
01/29/2015  Jim Carrey at the Late Late Show with John Mayer
01/17/2015  Happy Birthday Jim Carrey!
01/14/2015  Vote Jim Carrey's Saturday Night Live sketch the best
01/10/2015  Vote Dumb and Dumber To Posters

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