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04/25 "Dark Crimes" - New Release Date
Just like a thriller in which things change fast from one moment to the other, so does the movie industry. "Dark Crimes" has a new release date and now, it will premiere on May 18th in theaters and on demand. It will be released in the following theaters and on iTunes. NY - Cinema Village LA ... Read article

04/22 I'm Dying Up Here - Season Premiere Online!
The second season of "I'm Dying Up Here" will premiere in two weeks, Sunday May 6 at 10p/9c on Showtime Networks. But if you're anxious to watch the first episode… then you will love what Showtime did! They have uploaded the full episode on the official Facebook page, for everyone to watch! Yo... Read article

04/21 "Dark Crimes" Movie Clip - Interrogation
With the premiere date for "Dark Crimes" coming up, a 1-minute movie clip attached with the trailer has been released. The clip shows Jim Carrey (Tadek) interrogation Marton Csokas (Kozlow) about some murders. We can see in how fast the exchange of dialog goes and a bit of an accent that Jim is... Read article

04/20 I'm Dying Up Here - World Premiere
Do you want to know how a comedians life is? Do you want to learn how hard is it to get on stage and tell jokes? Then you cannot miss the world premiere of the second season of TV Series "I'm Dying Up Here" with the premiere episode, which will happen today at 3:30pm at the Alamo Ritz – Austin, T... Read article

04/19 Jim Carrey Surprise Appearance On Conan
Let us make this a formal request: We want to see Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey do another movie together! Why? Because their chemistry is amazing. We have one more proof of it. On April 17th, Jeff Daniels went to the Conan show to promote his new series and he end up being surprised by Jim, who... Read article

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04/15/2018  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute To Milos Forman
04/14/2018  Official Poster for "Dark Crimes"
04/12/2018  "Dark Crimes" Official Trailer Released
04/11/2018  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute To Mitzi Shore
04/10/2018  The Mask Animated Series on DVD today
04/08/2018  Kidding - Start Of Production
04/01/2018  Jim Carrey - An official cartoonist
03/31/2018  Dark Crimes Trailer
03/30/2018  Watch The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling Clip
03/27/2018  I'm Dying Up Here Season 2 Official Trailer
03/26/2018  New Dark Crimes Movie Still
03/25/2018  Jim Carrey In The Top 10 Social Media Ranking List
03/23/2018  Jim Carrey's Cartoons
03/17/2018  Justin Kirk Joins Jim Carrey on "Kidding"
03/15/2018  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute To Stephen Hawking
03/01/2018  Poster for The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling
02/26/2018  Release Date for "Dark Crimes"
02/25/2018  Xosha Roquemore Set To Recur in I'm Dying Up Here
02/23/2018  Official Trailer For Garry Shandling Documentary
02/17/2018  Pro-life?!
02/14/2018  "Kidding" New Cast Member - Judy Greer
02/07/2018  Jim Carrey Vows To Leave Facebook
02/01/2018  Justice Wins - Lawsuit dismissed
01/25/2018  True Crimes Has a New Title and Coming in Theaters
01/20/2018  Parker and Owen join "I'm Dying Up Here"
01/17/2018  Happy Birthday Jim Carrey!
01/15/2018  Jim Carrey part of new "In Living Color" Book
01/12/2018  Brad Garrett joins I'm Dying Up Here
01/10/2018  Jim Carrey on HBO in March: The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling
01/07/2018  I'm Dying Up Here Season 2 Premiere Date
01/04/2018  Kidding Cast News - Frank Langella
12/31/2017  Happy New Year - 2018 Will Come With A Bang
12/28/2017  Best of 2017: Jim Carrey Sunshower Art Exhibition
12/27/2017  Best of 2017: Jim & Andy
12/23/2017  Merry Christmas To All!
12/14/2017  "Kidding" Get A New Cast Member
12/06/2017  The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special Video
11/24/2017  I'm Dying Up Here - Behind The Scenes Photos
11/19/2017  Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (JCO Review)
11/17/2017  "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond" Available Now
11/14/2017  Jim Carrey at AFI FEST
11/11/2017  Jim Carrey on Roy Moore
11/09/2017  "Kidding" Production To Start In February 2018
11/07/2017  Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond Netflix Poster
11/05/2017  "True Crimes" Gets Canadian Distributor
11/02/2017  Jim Carrey's Halloween Art
11/01/2017  "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond" At More Festivals
10/27/2017  Ace Ventura Being Lined Up For a Reboot
10/23/2017  Poster and Website for "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond"
10/22/2017  Jim Carrey MOMA Tweets

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