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06/23 The Bad Batch Is Now Playing In Theaters
The good thing about a countdown is that eventually it ends. The wait is over! You can now watch "The Bad Batch" in theaters, On demand, Amazon & iTunes! It's a limited release but the page will be updated with the exact numbers as soon as we get it. For more information about the movie just g... Read article

06/18 Official Website and New The Bad Batch Clip
As the date to see the movie "The Bad Batch" get nearer, more details have started to show up. The first thing is a new clip of the movie that shows the main character Arlen, played by Suki Waterhouse, getting her arm cut out: You can also check out the official website for the movie, ... Read article

06/17 The Bad Batch Soundtrack
A movie doesn't exist without a soundtrack. It's very important to setup moments and scenes and can even serve as an emotional guide. Next week, on June 23rd, Lakeshore Records and Mondo will be releasing the soundtrack of the movie in digital format. Later on, the CD/LP will be released too on J... Read article

06/16 Working on Garry Shandling Documentary
Why the good ones leave us so soon? Garry Shandling was a comedian and actor, known for Garry Shandling's Show and The Larry Sanders Show and last year he became a star watching over us forever. Judd Apatow is working on a documentary for HBO about Garry that features statements from many of his ... Read article

06/15 The Bad Batch - How Jim Got The Role
As audience members and fans, we get to see our favorite artists work, as a final product. It isn't as rare as it use to be to see part of the process, thanks to all the "making of" and "behind the scenes" you get to see online and on DVD/Blu-ray. Sometimes it is actually fun to know how a certa... Read article

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06/14/2017  Jim Carrey At The Howard Stern Show
06/12/2017  Jim Carrey At Homeboy Industries
06/11/2017  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute To Adam West
06/09/2017  Jim Carrey At The BuddhaFest
06/08/2017  Jim Carrey Shaved His Beard
06/04/2017  I'm Dying Up Here: Pilot Episode Review
06/04/2017  Jim Carrey On Kathy Griffin
06/02/2017  Jim Carrey to attend "Just For Laughs" Festival
06/01/2017  Jim Carrey At The Premiere Of "I'm Dying Up Here"
05/31/2017  Jim Carrey Reply to Eminem
05/24/2017  The Late Late Show with James Corden
05/23/2017  Jimmy Kimmel Live!
05/21/2017  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute to Chris Cornell
05/21/2017  Jim Carrey the Most Bankable Canadian Actor
05/18/2017  Jim Carrey at the LA premiere of If You're Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast
05/16/2017  Jim Carrey At The Late Late Show With James Corden
05/15/2017  Jim Carrey At Jimmy Kimmel Live
05/14/2017  Ace Ventura Soundtrack on Vinyl for the first time
05/10/2017  The Bad Batch - Official Poster
05/06/2017  I'm Dying Up Here New Promo
05/02/2017  The Bad Batch Special Screening
04/30/2017  Fake News About Jim Carrey Starring In Terence McKenna Movie
04/27/2017  The Bad Batch Characters Poster
04/22/2017  Feeding a bird
04/16/2017  Happy Easter
04/14/2017  I'm Dying Up Here At The Moontower Comedy Festival
04/13/2017  The Bad Batch Trailer#2
04/10/2017  I'm Dying Up Here - The Cast & Creators Video
04/09/2017  I'm Dying Up Here Official Trailer#2
04/07/2017  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute to Don Rickles
04/05/2017  "True Crimes" Finds Distributor
04/01/2017  Jim Carrey Opens A Pet Shop
03/29/2017  Jim Carrey On Trump Presidency
03/23/2017  I'm Dying Up Here Premieres at Paris Festival
03/22/2017  Jim Carrey Back On Twitter
02/22/2017  "I'm Dying Up Here" World Premiere in March
02/14/2017  The Bad Batch - Release Date and Trailer
01/23/2017  Jim Carrey Tweet Barack Obama
01/19/2017  Elton John's Oscar Party 2017
01/17/2017  Happy 55th Birthday Jim Carrey!
01/11/2017  I'm Dying Up Here Press Conference
01/10/2017  I'm Dying Up Here Official Trailer
01/02/2017  Jim Carrey New Year Show with Alice Cooper
12/31/2016  Happy New Year - 2017 Will Rock!
12/26/2016  Memorable Moment: MTV's Jim Carrey Uncensored
12/23/2016  JCO Wishes You All Merry Christmas
12/19/2016  Best of 2016: I'm Dying Up Here
12/13/2016  Best of 2016: True Crimes
12/06/2016  Best of 2016: The Bad Batch
11/17/2016  Memorable Moment: The Afternoon Show

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