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12/14 "Kidding" Get A New Cast Member
"Kidding" is the name of the comedy series that will mark the return of Jim Carrey to TV. The pre-production has started and so far we know it is created by Dave Holstein, and will be directed by "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" director Michel Gondry. The 10-episode Kidding centers on "Je... Read article

12/06 The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special Video
Of all the things we read and watch of our favorite artists, the ones we love the most are tributes. On December 3rd, CBS aired the 1 hour and 20 minutes special, dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of The Carol Burnett Show. Carol Burnett is a comedian, actress, writer and singer who's known fo... Read article

11/24 I'm Dying Up Here - Behind The Scenes Photos
Jim Carrey's Series "I'm Dying Up Here" was renewed for a second season last September. That means we will learn a bit more of what happen in the comedy scenes of the 70's and with that more interesting stories especially from Jim Carrey who has contributed to the show as an executive producers and ... Read article

11/19 Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (JCO Review)
Back in 1999, Man on the Moon was the turning point in Jim Carrey’s career and his life. Though not a financial success, he still won rave reviews and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of eccentric funnyman and controversial performer Andy Kaufman. No matter how you felt about Kaufman or his comedy, ... Read article

11/17 "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond" Available Now
The wait is over! Today, no matter where you are in the world, you can watch Jim Carrey's new movie "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond" on Netflix! What are you waiting for? Here again the trailer: Let us know what you think about the movie in our review thread, click here. We would lo... Read article

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11/14/2017  Jim Carrey at AFI FEST
11/11/2017  Jim Carrey on Roy Moore
11/09/2017  "Kidding" Production To Start In February 2018
11/07/2017  Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond Netflix Poster
11/05/2017  "True Crimes" Gets Canadian Distributor
11/02/2017  Jim Carrey's Halloween Art
11/01/2017  "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond" At More Festivals
10/27/2017  Ace Ventura Being Lined Up For a Reboot
10/23/2017  Poster and Website for "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond"
10/22/2017  Jim Carrey MOMA Tweets
10/19/2017  Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond gets its trailer
10/18/2017  Jim & Andy - Netflix Global Premiere Date
10/17/2017  The Grinch on 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray
10/05/2017  Jim Carrey At Norm Macdonald Live
09/30/2017  Jim Carrey Statement About Lawsuit
09/26/2017  Inside Jim Carrey's "Sunshower" Art Exhibition
09/25/2017  Jim Carrey's TIFF Long Take Interview
09/24/2017  Novel to be published end of the year
09/23/2017  A Beautiful Conversation with reborn Jim Carrey by W
09/22/2017  Jim Carrey Talks About Sequels
09/21/2017  Jim Carrey About His Paintings
09/20/2017  Jim Carrey Online On Instagram
09/19/2017  "The Bad Batch" Available on DVD, Blu-ray and Netflix
09/18/2017  More Jim Carrey TIFF Photo shoots
09/17/2017  Jim Carrey wants to work with Marvel
09/15/2017  Jim Carrey Photo Shoot at TIFF
09/14/2017  Jim Carrey Back in Television to star in comedy series
09/13/2017  Jim Carrey's "Awkward" Truth
09/13/2017  Jim & Andy - Hollywood Reporter Interview
09/12/2017  Netflix Acquires "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond" Documentary
09/11/2017  Red Carpet and North American Premiere of "Jim & Andy"
09/10/2017  Michael Moore on Broadway 'The Terms of My Surrender'
09/10/2017  Jim Carrey - Backstage Video Talk With Michael Moore
09/09/2017  Jim Carrey Attends Harper's BAZAAR Party
09/09/2017  "I'm Dying Up Here" Renewed for Season 2
09/09/2017  Jim Carrey At Carol Burnett 50th anniversary Special
09/08/2017  Jim Carrey's Upcoming Projects
09/07/2017  Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond Reviews
09/07/2017  Jim Carrey on Broadway tonight
09/06/2017  Jim Carrey live at FRED Radio Call today in Venice
09/06/2017  Jim Carrey shows his view of Venice
09/06/2017  Red Carpet and World Premiere of "Jim & Andy"
09/05/2017  Photos from Venice photocall
09/05/2017  Jim & Andy - Chris Smith Interview
09/04/2017  Jim Carrey Arrival At Venice Film Festival
08/31/2017  Jim Carrey Is New Maui Resident
08/26/2017  Jim Carrey Singing In Hawaii
08/25/2017  Jim Carrey: "He Is Part Of My Makeup"
08/22/2017  North American Showtimes for "Jim & Andy" Documentary
08/20/2017  Jim Carrey Pay Tribute To Jerry Lewis

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